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I'm more amazed that digg is still around.

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they dropped the forum, and became a more simple news and advertising aggregator

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I never really understood why reddit became more popular than digg. They were both doing more or less the same thing for a while only reddit did it shittier.

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Reddit fooled people into believing that they were the free-speech alternative.

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Up to about 2011 or so, Digg was larger and far more popular than Reddit.

When the HD-DVD key was released, Digg started banning users that posted anything to do with it, the key, stories, etc. While posting the key probably should have resulted in some sort of "We've removed it, don't do that again," many took the absolute b%hammer approach poorly. It wasn't long after that, Digg completely redesigned everything. Took away voting and user content, and basically tried to migrate to a paid content social network thing. The previous loss of goodwill and the complete change to everything that was Digg drove people to Reddit, literally overnight, and Digg fell into a hole of it's own creation. As it drove away all of it's users, no one was there to Digg it up again.

Reddit will probably just suffer death from a thousand cuts as they change things and users slowly leach away because their favorite subreddit was banned (while leaving other, nastier ones intact,) or they just can't use the new site because it's full of bugs.

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I actually had this debate amongst my old high school friends often. I loved digg and observed how reddit's front page would have articles up after digg had done so. I thought reddit was more free speech so I made the switch slowly.

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I was going to comment the same! I used digg before reddit back in the day.

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Not only has this scare piece been going around for decades, but if one person in 20 was awake during surgery wouldn't there be a lot of lawsuits?

inb4 oh you can't remember but IT STILL MATTERS

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Also idiots think it's like "oh my God I can feel everything but I can't move"

#1 you can move, just not effectively

#2 I woke up (like many people) during my wisdom tooth removal with twilight anesthesia which is a light general anesthesia, and I could kind of tell what was going on but I couldn't feel anything and certainly didn't care, I just thought it was over and I was sitting waiting until a nurse checked on me or something, I realized just before passing back out that they were working on my mouth

So #1 don't be a pussy #2 don't be a pussy

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Hell, my own mother told me how when she was a young woman she had a root canal done without so much as a local anesthetic. Obviously painful AF and not an ideal way to spend any afternoon; but, more often than not, the fear of pain is more debilitating than the actual pain itself.

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They also give you drugs so you dont remember anything. Anesthesiologist will often have few patients they bounce between, leaving underling to administer and monitor vitals.

I had a major 7 hour belly surgery and do remember bits I should have been snoozing thru.

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The media made a big hype about this in the 90s in shows like Dateline and 60 Minutes. The medical solution was to start adding an amnestic drug (to induce amnesia). It ensured that if you did wake up, you wouldn't remember it.

People still wake up, they just don't consciously know that it happened.

From Anesthesiology (the official journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists):

One of the most common uses of intravenous sedative agents today is to produce amnesia during minor surgical procedures. Ideally, amnesia can occur while the patient is still awake and cooperative. The benzodiazepines and propofol are used because of their intense amnesic effects.


Who knows what kind of subconscious scars it may leave behind.

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Are you implying that it doesn't matter since the patient can't remember?

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My bro-in-law is rather unaffected by a bunch of medicines and anasthetics. Procedures need to be updated to include a preliminary test of anasthetic on people going under for surgery.

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I thought it was 1 in 700

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You thought wrong you fucking fascist nazi. Personally my favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry and homemade vanilla. If you don’t like blue bell we can’t be friends

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The fuck?

What are you on? I cited a movie to highlight it's relevance, didn't really believe its stats were accurate.

Homemade vanilla is the best. I prefer something chocolatey to strawberry though. I'm indifferent to Blue Bell because I've never heard of it before. Independent ice creameries are the best followed by gelatissimo. Are we friends or not?

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These fucking nazis man

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Blue Bell is a gift from God, prove me wrong.

I'm more of a Chocolate with some Herhsey's choco syrup, or Vanilla with the same. Never have been a strawberry fan....

I'm pretty basic when it comes to food, now that I think about it. On my burgers, I just get meat and cheese. Nothing else... Sandwiches, just meat and bread...

'Tis a simple life.

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Metal as fuck. This genuinely would be great for a concept prog/death album.

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One in 20 is a fatty that didn't want to give their actual weight.

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thats why they weigh them anyways, if anything so that they can get the weight that their machine says.

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I've had three surgeries that required anesthesia. Two worked, the third I was awake for the whole thing but didn't feel anything. So that was fine I guess. Not really a problem. The scary problem with anesthesia is when you go to sleep and never wake up.

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I’ve had 11 GAs in 2 years. I don’t recall surgery. I do remember very long periods of wakefulness when they had me in a medically induced coma for 3 weeks. I was intubated, drugged up and had ITU neuropathy which meant I couldn’t move when I did wake up. I was constantly trying to let them know I was conscious, but couldn’t move or talk.

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I woke up during blood clot surgery. Very, very, very painful

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