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Mice get all the best medical treatments, have you ever noticed? The most advanced treatments and medicines always go to mice first. It's as though mice are controlling human medical research for their greater benefit.

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Tell that to the Hair Spray Testing division mice.

I don't think its all peaches and cream!

After you snap the necks of over 1,000 lab mice, I can attest that you become battle hardened and numb to rational purpose torture and killing.


That wiki does not mention you put a cloth over the mouse head so you dont have to look the little dude in the eyes as you line up the edge of your lab table.

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Well, they did have the Earth manufactured to find an answer to the ultimate question, so I guess they deserve good healthcare

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Yeah, or these were just the happy shits who got the "green tea study" instead of being picked for testing exposure to some other new industrial solvent.

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Brain: We must prepare for tomorrow night.

Pinky: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night?

Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Chorus: They're Pinky, They're Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain!

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So they made mice just to get Alzheimer’s but don’t worry they wouldn’t do shit like that to humans

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I want something that speeds it up. Anything like that in the bin?

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Gum disease bacteria. Eat more sugar, stop brushing your teeth.

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That will kill you? Seems so not right. Wrong. Do you shop at pier one imports? Do you consider yourself a smart person?

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bromantane in large doses leads to Alzheimer's-like symptoms.

its a russian too, so you piss of the leftsists.

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What is bromantane? Naturally occurring? I don't want to piss of anybody. I just want to die peacefully before my money runs out and I can have a GIGANTIC mausoleum using that wealth, so folks WILL know who the IMPORTANT folks were.

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Aluminium based deodorant is your friend! And salt with aluminosilicate.

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Man, I've tried finding alternatives. I've tried earnestly. There is just nothing that works. Baking soda is bullshit. This is one I'd like to ditch - the aluminum I mean - but there really is just such a massive performance difference. If I use the "natural" deodorants, I stink by noon. Can't do it.

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That shit is completely fake news. Alzheimer's causes aluminum buildup, it's not caused by aluminum buildup.

[–] StormRider9090 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Yeah, pretty sure that was debunked. No connection between aluminium and alzheimers.

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So...if you eat deodorant...you can get what we're talking about? Is it just the Aluminum? Mom always said Aluminum cookware was bad. Leeching. Anyway, I want to die SOON. Accidently through ignorance. Alone in MY bed...asleep. Got anything for that?

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Omega 3/DHA oil improves brain function. Also small amounts of L-carnitine.

For a good mood you need lean meat, butter, eggs, exercise and I think avoid chocolate. Only animal fats can be used to create feel-good hormones I heard.

Cut sugar completely out of your diet if you can. Even fruit isn't that great.

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WHY do things that taste GREAT make me die, things that taste like garbage make me live? What about meth? WHY can't that be something that makes you get healthier and healthier until you're immortal or something?

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They have a cure for everything if you're a lab rat or a Rockefeller.

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Irritating the way the site slides some BS about veganbrain diets in there, which had fuck all to do with the research

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Just don't drink too much green tea. It will give you insomnia at too high of a dose.

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So will meth. That's why I am trying to cut back on green meth.

I mean tea.

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Yeah that's what caffeine does, duh.

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counter balance it with marijuana if u have green tea poisoning

trust me im a natural herbal docktor

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just... lol, check the authors, probably being funded by tea companies or tea culture kappa

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