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Crustaceans are water insects. Crab meat may as well be giant roach meat. I just can’t do it.

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Thats exactly my thought. just underwater bugs who can grow bigger underwater due to gravity having a lesser effect on them shedding their exoskeletons.

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It's soo yummy & delicious!... Like vampire garlic for jews!

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Amazing, I've known this since I was 3.

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Got a Phd at 3 yrs old.

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Not everyone has your genius intellect... now go make a scientific discovery that will save humanity.

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I don’t think he’s praising himself. Just pointing out that it’s pretty much common knowledge.

Bonus Anifact: Hyenas are cats

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I declare that, due to common links via the horseshoe crab, spiders are related to scorpions.

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in 1881 evolutionary biologist E. Ray Lankester placed them solidly in a group more similar to spiders and scorpions.

Bad news, others have as well

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Seen them stacked one atop another seven high on end of Long Beach Island NJ. Medical research benefiting humans being done using them from what I’ve read.

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I read that 20 years ago in a biology book. I guess now they used DNA or other precise classifications.

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Lobsters are scorpions. no neck, two pincers, and flippy tail.

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I loved grabbing and turning them over and chasing my girlfriend with the legs all waving around.