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Anything from 2018?

Regardless, we're heading into an ice age. I'm in agreement with those who believe in snowball earth.

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winter chan grow

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Oct. 30, 2015

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Something tells me that the Sun has something to do with our climate...

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Global warming and cooling has happened throughout Earth's history.

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Damn you global warming!

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I'll say it again, and keep saying it because it needs to be said.

Not only is the Earth not getting catastrophically hotter ... it's not getting hotter at all. The man-made global warming scenario is and always was a complete fraud.

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What about the arctic? You right wingers always seem to forget about the side that is losing 10x what the other side is gaining. What say you?


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How about Greenland? I ask because it's melting faster than the Antarctic is gaining ice.

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In some places glaciers are shrinking and in some places they are growing. Climate changes. The questions are do humans have a significant influence? and can humans change things for the better?

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The point is that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting at a significantly higher rate than the Antarctic is gaining ice, which means OP is being completely fucking stupid. The total is going down fast and it's a really really bad thing.

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And navigating the Northwest passage was a feat that made headlines around the world.

Where I live, we're seeing species of mite move steadily north, the tree-line is moving north, there is a steady growth in amount of yearly rainfall. Shit is, most decidedly, changing.

It would not surprise me if we would be able to grow grapes as well again like the vikings did in the middle ages.