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Science has become disturbingly religious.

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It has been for a long time. Einstein expects us all to have faith that there is some unknown constant that he must factor in to get his equations to work. Without it, his works are garbage.

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And yet the equations work beautifully

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Care to point out where this "constant" is inserted into the equations? Any Einstein equation will do. I'll wait.

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Einstein also expects us all to have faith that those equations were really his own. They weren't.

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You can say that scientist need to have faith in their unproven ideas. So in some ways it is like a religion.

But this religion also comes with Nihilistic Materialism.

The opposite to that would be Existentialistic Panpsychism

I think the big band model is closely tied into nihilism and materialism. If you truly believe that everything came from nothing and will return to nothing, what is the point in anything.

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There's a subtle difference between using reasoning and extrapolating beyond what you can rationally argue. Religious and non-religious people both use rational arguments and the scientific method.

The new "Scientism" as religion just makes a number of unproven assertions and then use those to prove themselves. Then these same people build straw-men and claim religious (it's always Christians for some reason) people use circular reasoning to "prove the bible is true" or some such nonsense.

Meanwhile, they have acquired their own religious rites, they have "saints" and dogma which must not be questioned and a radical intolerance of opposing viewpoints. They have become everything they project onto medieval Christianity with none of the theology or introspection.

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big band model


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If you truly believe that everything came from nothing and will return to nothing, what is the point in anything?

To truly be free and to do as you wish with that freedom.

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Facts don't matter in Biology anymore

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the most common ""science" is a #dirtygypsyjew fake "commodity" creation project...

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Sorry Elon, only science that is manipulated to fit the narrative is accepted.

Another dark ages incoming.

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Peasants are armed, literate, and dangerous this time.

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Which is why they are importing new peasants to violently replace the current peasants.

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Incoming? We're already here!

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for there to be another dark ages there would have needed to have been one in the first place

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Nothing exists for those followers unless one of their own leaders tells them it does. If the truth conflicts too hard with their delusion, they'll look for another leader.

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I think elon might be one of us!

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He autistically shitposts about anime, goes off his rocker on a podcast interview, and siphons billions of dollars of government funding into a company he crashes to the ground.

Yeah, he probably lurks here.

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and he hosted meme review for pewdiepie the evil antisemite

then again, so did ben shapiro

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Which company did he crash faggot?

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Maybe he is the voat Angel?

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That would be fucking awesome!

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No, it is Black Rifle Coffee Co.

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Elon is a real MAN

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I really want to upvoat you but...you know

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The upvoat is fine, as long as the balls don't touch and you say "no homo" at the end it's ok.

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I upvoting you because my gay.

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Ok, no homo then ....

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Ok I did

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Reddit a censorship shithole

links to imgur

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imgur competes with reddit.

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