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Oh, they'll keep the countries the same they'll just show them as a nigger in the official state propoganda I mean textbooks.

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Humorous how Israeli's can hog the Nobel Prizes for slightly modifying existing scientific equations but when you look for actual ground breaking discoveries they are no where to be found. I've said this before, but Jewish scientists are the biggest swindlers and frauds in academia. They worm their way into professorships and leadership positions and pouch ideas relentlessly. They have no shame, it's seriously hurting research because scientists in the past 50 years have had to lock down their research big time because of (((thieves))), which kills collaboration, but the goyim are too scared to name the jew.

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Becuz chemistry is rayciss!!! Whiiiite privleg.

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Cue talking point: colonialism prevented people in the Congo from advancing science

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While simultaneously benefiting the Scots it seems.

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Do they honestly think the Congo would be paradise if it wasn’t for whitey

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Oh yeah plenty of retards don't recognize that it would just be a different shithole without whitey. Literally at best: Different shithole. You bring "tha kangs" anywhere else they still live in barbaric tribes and relabel it gang violence.

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My anthropology professor legitimately believed colonialism was the cause of many African problems. Peopld Don’t want to admit Africans just kinda suck

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That’s a valid question. Somebody should ask Zaida Catalan what the answer is. Oh, wait... we can’t because the Congoloids shot her ass dead and took her head.

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Yeah they would have all eaten each other and starved to extinction by now.

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All the ones marked "ancient" were discovered in Africa before the colonizers ruined it.

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They were all "ancient" discoveries. Kangz discovered them one million years ago before flying off in their pyramids.

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(((They))) won't bother. Niggers in general are not able to understand a periodic table.

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Well enough to cook meth and crack.

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What about vibranium ? Wakanda discovered it.

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Top Kek

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Vibranium == Nihonium? Or are you suggesting Vibranium is an "unknown" actinide? The most stable known isotope of Nihonium has a halflife of about ten seconds. However, having the atomic number 120 could be plausible. Then it would be stable at least. Even Marvel says: Strontium, Barium, ... Vibranium. Then again, it might just be lambda baryon hypernucleus of another element or even a super alloy. :-)

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Polonium "was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1898, and was named after Marie Curie's native land of Poland". Her original surname was Skłodowska, and she moved from Poland when she was 24. I guess it doesn't count as polish since she discovered it while working in France(paper published in 1898) and Poland was at the time divided between Austria, Russian, and Prussian empires, so it didn't exist on the maps.

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She was also a French citizen at the time of its discovery. All this goes for Radium as well.

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Hey, they're doing it for everything else, moon launch was done by three neegresses don't ya know, that movie said so.

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Japan is honorary.

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In Japanese society the Ainu tend to be less intelligent, do less well in school, get involved in criminal activity more often and have different health issues... They're also gradually going extinct, but I like your photos.

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