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Doesn't take a scientist to observe...thin noses and long necks. I kinda think they were killed off by Nubian immigration. I guess the old history books are correct, white people have been retreating to the north for centuries.

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oh holy shit. that's whats happening right now. I haven't seen a dark skinned face in montana in months.

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Montana, sounds like a utopia.

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That's why everyone is so concerned about Global Warming, there would be no place to retreat to.

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The people in Egypt today are not the Egyptians who built the pyramids. The Greeks in Greece today are not the soldiers who fought with Alexander the Great. The Romans who live in Italy today are not the Romans who built the aquaducts and roads. All these great ancient peoples were replaced by inferior peoples, whose descendants occupy their lands. The same thing is happening to us right now. We, who built Western civilization, the great white Christian European race, are being replaced by lesser peoples, who are invading and occupying our lands.

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Actually modern Greeks are very genetically similar to ancient Greeks https://www.thenationalherald.com/181104/modern-greeks-dna-similar-mycenaeans-minoans-study-finds/

Or atleast the Minoans and Mycenaean Greeks

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Sicily was a norman colony once upon a time. Imagine. Sicily, viking, white as snow.

If they succeed, sweden will look like sicily does now.

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Time to dust off one of my favorite images on the internet. https://imgoat.com/uploads/2c0be24560/202552.jpg

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White flight, it's truly the natural order of things

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Blacks love to fantasize that Egyptians were black, so they don’t feel so inferior. But sorry, they weren’t.

The greatest invention your ancestors made was blowing on a cow anus so it’d produce milk...:


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I show this video to everyone i can. holy shit that is some advanced wakandan sheit

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Half of all Euro men and 70% of Brit men have same DNA lineage as King Tut...so much for we wuz kangz:

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Duh. They were pyramids, not mud huts.

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Can you imagine watching the first guy who figured out the sticks don't fall over if you put mud on them?

I bet they killed him for his hut after a windy day and nobody tried again for another 500 years.

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Well ya, all Europeans are a combination of hunter gatherer, Neolithic farmer, and some other breed. The original Egyptians and mesopotamians were the Neolithic famers. The original civilization builders, were white! Well they were proto white, proto/indo Europeans.

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Ancient Egyptian civilization seemed a million times more functional than modern Egypt, which is basically a heavy arab admixture.

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ancient Egypt wasn’t a cohesive civilization. It was really 3 separate kingdoms with a lot of unstable intermediate periods and foreign rule. The golden age of Egypt was the old kingdom was the rest was rocky

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first thought: "well yea!"

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Da Turks were kangz too apparently

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The people that would become the Scots were descendants of Egyptian royalty. Source

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Scots claim descent from ... Scythia. Most common last name in Scotland... Ross. Rossiya. Russian.

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WE WUZ ... WUZ... ah fuck it!

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Nobody wanted to fuck a sheboon, even back in ancient Egyptian times.

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