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That's actually slow as fuck. We'll never travel the universe at that speed.

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no shit. That's why a light year means it takes light a year to travel that distance. That's why we'll have to figure out how to fold space like a noodle.

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Can't fold space. You can get off that train.

We gotta capture an alien and anal probe it to find out their secret.

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Technically it's still possible without FTL, using something called a generation ship. Such a ship doesn't require unrealistic sci-fi tech to work. It only needs to be bloody big.

Like, really bloody big.

But not impossible. Oh and it will take several life-times to get anywhere.

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No need. Fourth dimension is all around us and everywhere at once.

If you enter that realm you can go anywhere at the speed of thought.

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where we are going you won't need eyes to see.

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The universe is a jew lie. Outer space is fake and gay.

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Operation fishbowl, bro. Nothing up there but the waters of Heaven.

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Time dilation is a thing. As you move faster, the amount of time that passes on the ship decreases.

You can find relativistic space ship calculators online. I like to calculate how far I can get with 1g of constant acceleration through halfway to my destination, then 1g deceleration the rest of the way.

Assuming we have the energy/fuel to accelerate at 1g continually, we can spread across the galaxy in a lifetime.

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You cant travel through something that doesnt exist.

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It's as if everything is moving at the same velocity, and it's either mostly within time and very little in the spatial dimensions, or if moving very quickly spatially, then very little in time.

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That would assume you don’t max out at light speed and can break our current rules of physics.

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In whose lifetime? If a photon is traveling at the speed of light for 1 year, no time will have passed for the photon. But we wouldn't say it traveled from point A to B instantaneously.

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Damn, you're right. It appears light is just moseying along out there.

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I can get there faster than that.

Light sucks.

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Astrology Projection. Do it.

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So when you turn on a room light in your house, you're not dealing with speed of light are you? Because I can detect a noticeable delay between beginning illumination and full illumination of the room. Is that the speed of the electricity and the warming up of the filament in the light bulb? What's the speed limiter there exactly?

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Modern "science" is a bunch of bullshit. Outer space isnt real...

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You aren't far off. Modern science IS significantly filled with bullshit. Evil/poor "scientists" (liberal nigger lovers probably) trying to SCORE government grants and job points by supporting what they are TOLD to by politicians.

Outer space, as far as I KNOW, could very well be a fraud, or a misinterpreted observation (by me) of a construct created for some other purpose. Perhaps even to keep me (just me?) from the TRUTH. Because if "we" (me?) knew the truth, some (presumed) evil would either occur, OR (more likely) fail to succeed. Deception is the hallmark of EVIL.

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The speed of electricity is close to that of light, and certainly neither are noticeable across the distance of a room. The delay is simply the warming of the filament. Fluorescents also have a delay.

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Thanks fag.

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I miss pong. sigh.

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Not fast enough. But if it was nay faster or slower life couldn't exist as we know it. Its just based on the same underlying mechanics and rates of propagation as everything else.

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The speed of light being faster or slower actually has no effect on the universe, ot just redefines the meter. There are only two distinct properties: information transfer can be instantaneous or is limited to a certain speed.

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The mechanics of the universe define the speed of light. If those mechanics were different, then those mechanics that allow us to function in the way that we do would no longer exist. Life if it could still exist, it would have to take a different form.

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186,282mps. It's not only a good idea, it's the law.

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Is light faster than the speed of an SBD fart? I think not. We need a study

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If you are traveling the speed of light then you fart into the direction of travel, what happens then?

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It creates a super-massive black hole in URANUS.

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Probably a paradox. We need funding for brown beans so we can study the data!!

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