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I’ve actually had feminists tell me that the only reason girls can’t deadlift or bench or run as well as men is because they’ve been conditioned to believe that they’re weaker.

So yeah, there’s probably some kind of social construct filter you can apply to this.

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Well, if they'd get back to lifting pots and pans for cooking and cleaning perhaps they would be stronger, eh?

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Work that vacuum, bitch.

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Yeah, those iron pots are pretty heavy.

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Sure, if our kids were forced to walk instead of being driven everywhere and the only sports available were something that needed absolutely no equipment then sports like Cross Country would replace sports like Football and Baseball. I propose in that alternate universe the top performers would be First World citizens then.

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Kenyas high elevation also contributes. Increased lung capacity

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They're not being forced to walk... they have to run from nigger-eating jaguars, lions, and cheetahs. You'd run like a motherfucker too if you had to run for your life on a daily basis.

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Hey Anna you are pretty fast, with the right diet and traning you may have a shot at competing for the olyimpic team...of course you will never beat that lard ass jim who takes the care to the store down the block to get junkfood.

-Waht feminists really belive.

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Feminists, fighting for the right to be shitty versions of men.

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This is the point they don’t understand; if there are no social difference between men and women, nothing unique to femininity, nothing about femininity worth protecting, then women are nothing more than defective men.

They’ll learn. But only after they get everything they want.

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I will get downvoted for this, but here goes. Why are the top bankers, film producers and University professors all jewish if there is no difference between the races? Are the jews then naturally superior to whites? I am in no way saying i like the jews. May they burn in hell.

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Infesting something that other people built is not superiority

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Infesting something that other people built is not superiority

They are responsible for the creation of banks, cinema, and modern forced schooling. The origins of banking are well known around these parts, but:

EDIT: Added cite for Jews and Nickelodeons, though this article is written from the standpoint of patent enforcement evasion.

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Sjws infest but they dont stand at the top of whatever industry they invade. If Jews merely infested those areas they wouldn't get to the top if they weren't competent enough to do so. Making the amount of money that they do whether legal or illegally requires competence to do so. I would actually say if done illegally actually takes more competence since you have to do so while not getting caught.

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and yet, here you are instead of 4chins

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It's a combination of intelligence, work ethic, and teamwork. It's why Jewish run media, education, and entertainment encourage whites not to be a team and to breed with groups known to have lower intelligence offspring. It's quite the coherent long term strategy if you ask me. Perhaps others should copy it.

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Its money

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Your point of view supposes that the Jews got in their positions thanks to meritocracy...Which is obviously false.

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You suppose a narrow definition of meritocracy. You're losing the game so you whine about the rules.

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Accusing CEOs of being not diverse enough is anti-Semitic!

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Species. Real genetic differences.

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Really not fair that they can be in our Olympics, it's like letting a gorilla compete.

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For generations they, these Black Negro type in Africa may have been running away from Wild Dogs, Lions, jumping up to collect coconuts from trees, run after the U.N food truck carrying aid.... they got lots of Rhino, Elephant and Leopards and Hyena...in theory they should be good spear chuckers winning all Gold for the Javelin Throw at the Olympics since they have been chucking spears for generations but I dunno I guess they made shit wooden spears or had bad technique or have not been chucking spears that long?

I would also look at the question of genetics and IQ and agree maybe in parts of the Jew conspiracy question, certain groups of Jews, not all type since there are different types of Tribes of Jews Yemen, Iranian, Saudi type, North African Spanish type but certain tribe Jews DNA and genetic matching Ashkenazi Jews have valued positions counting, administration, money moving, this at a time when most of Europe was illiterate, in a from of serfdom and uneducated, the educated Jew tribe would have held a distinct advantage. They could easily hold and keep key positions but maybe not anymore a growth of education and a Renaissance across Europe pushed them from certain positions they could have easily held in past times, the growth of educations across Europe, other secret groups like Freemasons and Jesuits, the Jews themselves lost control over some of the early political movements they created the crazy degenerate political movements born from Marxism, Judeo–Bolshevism, Socialism. Their positions are soon replaced by the new age of computerization and A.I programs have certainly started to push certain Jews out who were deeply dug into positions of administration, I wonder despite the intelligence of certain Ashkenazi type, they seem to lack foresigh or a long term vision, is it a flaw of their culture and religion? and some of the biggest guys pushing for Open Borders... a large percentage of it, the help the refugees, help the illegals, it comes from a tribe from an Ethno-religious State or a lot of them are of Israeli heritage, it should also be noted their are many oter groups and tribes involved in resettlement including Mormons, muslim bortherhood types, Roman Catholic, certain Leftwing groups an even church Evangelicals etc Maybe this isn't a question of tribe or people but simply left groups and religions getting involved in the money making business of people smuggling? is it simply Greed?

The tribe of Sephardi, and Mizrahi don't seem to be so intelligent some Jews are closer to Arab and the Beta Negro or Ethiopian Jew Black Hebrew tribe of Israeli seem to be very dumb even though they claim themselves Jews by way of genetic heritage. I wonder is there a limit to the Jewish vision, Jews have mixed with many peoples including Caucasian Whites and mixed with Asians of the East, this limit if it exists in their culture is it genetic or religiously cultural? they also have very limited influence in the East such as Japan and China were they often score above Jews in IQ testing. Jews without a doubt had a world influence on media, politics, administration and global banking, but there is only so far this influence goes. Parts of Asia play the game but at times for example seem to have almost opted out of the whole world bank world economy business, Japan knows its going to stagnate a little with a fall in population but they refuse to sacrifice their country for a crazed economic policy, they will not take illegal immigration and don't care much for refugees... will Japan and other nations set a new example of how to world outside the current global system? Nature and biology is not always 100% predictable, from Africa you can have a pure Negro from Niger Congo, high aggressive, Low IQ and no matter how you place them in civilization they make come out as 67 IQ or even lower border line retarded and aggressive and troublesome. In the IQ question typically the Far East Asians score the highest, the next on the ladder is Jews if you count the Ashkenazi score, Whites are third and finally you have a collection of the mixed and Arab mongrel type and finally lowest scoring in IQ tests would be the Negroid, different tests all different places, it seems to be the same score all the time? However we can also admit nature is not exact and nature makes freaks, a small couple from China can produce a basketball sized freak, the same tribes from Africa could have people who become the next Oprah, the next Obama, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, it is possible the genes aren't really what you are, they do help but now humans also can control their own destiny.

You also have to wonder what the fuck happened the Arab land, when most of North America, Europe were hunting animals, chucking spears these people had the heights of culture, a mix of Christian, Persian, Egyptian, Nabataeans, Sabaean, Jewish, Vedic, Babylon, the peoples of Mesopotamia and other cultures... did their new islamic jihadist warlord prophet and his example of inbreeding with his own cousin send the entire of Arabia genetically backwards? It should also be noted Jews suffer terribly from inherited diseases due to their tribal inbreeding.

Why don't Nergoids win all spear chucker contests? as far as I know only one negroid won a medal in spear-chucking and it was a silver or bronze medal, also most of them, the Congoid Niger type of genetic DNA heritage can not swimming and can be seen sinking like stones while trying to make that journey from Africa as a refugee or some shit into Europe. Some of them by heritage they are genetically designed to be very good and jumping up and down and running from other animals.

a big taboo question is it all?

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.in theory they should be good spear chuckers winning all Gold for the Javelin Throw at the Olympics since they have been chucking spears for generations but I dunno I guess they made shit wooden spears or had bad technique or have not been chucking spears that long?

They don't have the mental capacity to do well in spear chucking. Just think of the math involved in throwing a javelin - you are running, you have to time your windup and throw and stop before/at a foul line, all while making sure the throw is as straight as possible at an angle that will give you maximum distance. That's a lot of moving pieces and calculations for cultures that have no concept of time.

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Good answer. Slow runners get caught and eaten. In banking, slow earners get caught and eaten too.

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lol...in (((banking)))...perhaps the slow earners are just goy that are positioned as prey because theyre withheld information...

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Long term profits are never as important as short term quarterly gains ~ Quark

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because (((they))) don't want you to question the narrative

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That they are all Kenyan, and not randomly distributed black people should also suggest to you something about race.

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Yea i dont remember Kenyan being a choice on the census

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And a black man has literally never won the world’s strongest man competition. They’re fast but weak.

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Maybe they mean our current racial categories are a social construct? "Non-hispanic white" certainly tastes like bullshit.

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Just because something is a "social construct" doesn't mean it isn't scientifically valid.

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"Hispanic" in general is a dumb category.

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They mean mestizo, many who come illegally are more Indian than white.

Indians are savage animals almost as bad as a nigger, 100% lack of morality of a nigger but smarter and more prone to drug use.

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