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isnt the loss of arctic sea ice and loss of glacier mass compelling? not being argumentative, i genuinely want to know if there is an explanation for that other than climane change.

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Hence why it has been rebranded into "climate change" instead of "global warming"

Climate change is a natural occurence. Of course the climate is going to change, pretty normal for sea levels to rise and fall, for changes in humidity. Been like that the last billion years.

The "climate change meme appeals to braindead libtards who think that throwing $5 into shekelbergs charity will make the weather blissful permantly, which it never has been.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=Gh-DNNIUjKU :

Evaluating The Integrity Of Official Climate Records - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=Gh-DNNIUjKU :

Evaluating The Integrity Of Official Climate Records - YouTube

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Aren't volcanos the biggest releaser of CO2 on earth?

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The world is slowly heating up? Meanwhile, don't drink the water, eat the food or breathe the air, its toxic.

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Nobody does a real mathematical analysis only in a youtube video. Is it available in text, or is it bullshit?

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I'd love to see this too

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Surprise, surprise.

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If this was true, the adjustments would not correlate significantly to other variables.

Quite the contrary. If CO2 really is causing warming, then corrected temperatures should correlate perfectly. If they didn't, THAT would be a sign that either CO2 wasn't the culprit or someone was making things up.

Think about it: How could it possibly be that legitimate corrections wouldn't correlate in a universe where CO2 is causing warming?

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What in the fuck did you just say.
Think more about this please.

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You are the one who needs to think about it.

If global warming is really happening, and CO2 is causing it, CO2 and temperature have to be correlated. If they weren't correlated CO2 couldn't be causing warming.

So, in that universe, temperature readings that are being corrected on the up and up should correlate with CO2 readings. Temperatures that didn't correlate with CO2 readings would be suspect because we already know in this universe that CO2 is causing warming.

In other words, the fact that temperature corrections correlate with CO2 readings is not evidence that we're not in the CO2-causes-warming universe. In fact, it could be evidence to the contrary.

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The kikes behind the corruption of data are evil bastards doing more harm than anyone to the name of science.

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