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this has been known for a long time.... kinda like gut biome(one reason i will never take antibiotics .... well unless life threatening) .... and muscle memory

your brain doesnt give a shit about your body, only to feed it

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How do you do dentistry without antibiotics? Every time I go to the dentist that a tooth hurts, it hurts because the hole in it, or where it broke in half, is infected and inflamed, I get a week or two on antibiotics, THEN can she clean it out and plug the hole or in case of the broken teeth pull it out.

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gut biome is CRITICAL for proper health, and gut NERVES are astousdingly huge number of neurons,. As many neurons in your intestines as an ENTIRE CATS BRAIN. Thats how critical the thinking and functioning of your gut is.


As for avoiding antibiotics... that too is important if you can get away with it.

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Ergo, brain dummer.