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To further investigate the effects of OCPs on women's emotion recognition, the researchers administered a special emotion recognition task to two similar groups of healthy women: 42 OCP users, and 53 non-users.

As per the issues with my "hall of shame" paper using such a low sample size to find triple the incidence of "gun violence", this paper is equivalently useless on the same basis. The samples are not representative of the population at large in either category, and neither is the instrument validated separate from personality differences. While the study does exclude women who classify as mentally ill, it doesn't control for age or personality differences in its findings (which are relevant to studies such as this one and this one PDF WARNING).

Point is that personality differences due to the lack of controls in this study, and its small sample size, could more than account for the entirety of the variance discovered. Without accounting for how significantly personality traits can alter emotion recognition in these trials, the study is ultimately useless. Since, as per the second PDF linked study, it could account for 100% of the variance (as trait extraversion and openness). That's a HUGE margin of error.

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Yeah, I thought it was interesting, but wasn't too convinced by this result. Thanks for the proper refutation. I also love the contrast between your response and that of @Tallest_Skil

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Well his first paper is just a literature review, which is fine as it goes to help understand the current state of the literature according to the biases of at least one author. His second study has the following problem self-admitted in the abstract:

It was assumed that neurotic patients were more likely to report side effects, but that if the degree of neuroticism could be controlled, any significant differences in reports of side effects would be due to the active substance.

Which, referring to neuroticism, could also account for much of the variance in the OP study. However, simply controlling for neuroticism is not enough due to the high personality variances in valence, and controlling for the other extremes must also be accomplished to eliminate a statistical bias from only removing the tail-end worst performers (while keeping the best ones). So it goes. The other two are just articles with some opinions about some other bad research.

All in all, I am 100% all for more research being conducted on the possible behavioral modifications of birth control. But, to put it in simple terms, "this ain't it chief".

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Wandering Wojack?

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yes hi can i help u

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A good deal of the “medicine” on the market today is made just to make people more sick or sterile.

Propecia (Finasteride) - chemically castrates men looking to stop balding

Rogaine (minoxidil) - destroys collagen production leading to increase skin aging and potential for aneurysms.

Birth control- overall decline in health and potential fertility problems

Every benzodiazepine - highly addictive; many can become addicted and experience withdrawals only after a few doses

Every antipsychotic/antidepressant

AIDS drugs keep patients on a chemical cocktail for life, dependent on the drug company to survive

It’s all bullshit goats. Only use medications if absolutely necessary, like some antibiotics. Try to stay natural whenever possible. Start eatinf healthy now.

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There are studies showing the "pill" changes the type of man a woman is attracted to. And you thought it was only for causing blood clots!

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We already know how harmful those are.

Do Contraceptives promote Hedonism ?

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When did emos and the-feels get complex??

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Yeah, we've proven that for a while. Nothing will ever change, though.

By the way, a jew funded the development of the pill, created the pill, and launched Planned Parenthood which oversaw this production.

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Just from my own experience about what birth control is doing to women....

I am an extremely good looking alpha Male . I can say this objectively with minimal ego tickling. I am rugged, buff, and charming.

When I get with women, they love me, are feminine and seek me out aggressively and respond well to.my actions/behaviors.

But then sometime down the line, they get on birth control or they have their birth control implant renewed (re installed with new implant or whatever) and it's fine for a couple of weeks.

But then, like fucking clock work, they get out of control.. they start getting stupid emotionally and attacking my alpha behaviors like going to the gym or not talking about feelings. Or they get depressed and stop contributing to the household and this is what drives me crazy. I am a very nice guy with a complement of beta behaviors but I still manage to be alpha despite that.

They end up leaving three months later (when I'm assuming the hormones reach maximum levels) and go be with a much more beta guy.

Last girlfriend went back to her ex who was a cum guzzling beta. Total faggot. He cried one time when I ran into him a year after me and his old girl got together and accidentally (yes it was an accident) made a joke about how much me and her were fucking. Literally tears started welling up in his eyes and this was A YEAR later. Anyway, I hate that fucking guy. She's back with him. I've moved on but I hate him. No love for betas from me.

This happens almost every time. They leave for a beta faggot

That birth control shit is pulling women away from alpha males and drawing them back towards betas. I've heard it's because it makes their body think it's pregnant and wants a commited man who will stick around with them. this is frustrating for me because I am very commited to relationships when I get in them.

I told my girlfriend the day she came home with a new implant this was going to happen. I told her in a few weeks we were gonna start fighting and shed leave in three months. It happened.

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Interesting observation. I feel my girlfriend has gotten much more rational and way easier to deal with once she got off birth control, but there are so many confounding factors that all I can say is that both events happened around the same time, and I wouldn't dare to draw any causal relationship between them. I'd even hesitate to call it a correlation, since we're just going off anecdotes here.

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A woman off birth control is a great thing.

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an upvote in agreement with a similar experience.