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Dang, lots of posters in here to defend chopped up dead babies, and using dead baby soup to make vaccines.

Some of these same guys came in my post defending "Senomyx" and how that company is also buying dead babies and using the dead baby soup "in the development of" making favor enhancement for all our favorite foodstuffs. Hmmm

:whispers: not to mention my posts about the shape of the earth.

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edgelord /Tries (and fails) to randomly insert edgy shock value content

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Are you defending the killing of helpless babies created by God? You're a monster.

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If cannibalism is defined as the consumption of part of another human, then injecting something grown from such cells could be cannibalistic should the vaccine itself be contaminated with the aborted fetal cells. Therefor it's unknown to determine whether you are consuming it or not. It would be interesting if scientists discover a way to detect cannibals just through a lab test

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they use dead babies in your food too..(for stimulating Artificial Flavors)..

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"The beatings will continue until morale improves."

So they're killing babies to make vaccines to help prevent babies from dying?

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"Specifically, the WI-38 cell line is a human diploid fibroblast cell line derived from a three month old fetus aborted therapeutically in 1962 in the US. Another cell line, MRC-5, was derived from lung fibroblasts of a 14 week old fetus in 1966 in the United Kingdom. These are currently the only fetal cell lines used to grow viruses for vaccines, with most other vaccines requiring cell lines from animals.."

"Although antiabortion antivaccine activists frequently try to make it sound as though scientists are aborting fetuses left and right just to grind them up to make vaccines (presumably twirling their mustaches and cackling evilly as they slice and dice them), in reality there are only two cell lines used this way, and they are so far removed from the original abortions that even the Catholic Church has told its members that not only is it morally acceptable to use such vaccines, but vaccinating children against deadly diseases is a great good."

Funny how voat suddenly gets religion when it suits them.

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yeah snopes and sciencebasedmedicine are two websites i use all the time..... we can trust them fellow goyim.

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on the scale of one to whack job. snopes is a lot closer to one. while davidkike is past the whackjob

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DavidKike is just as bad as Snope or NaturalNews and significantly worse than ScienceBasedMedicine (not saying that science based medicine is necessary great).

Though you're right that people should take this with a grain of salt, that also applied to sources you agree with.

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The source itself you use has a known bias, leaning highly empiricist. That aborted fetal tissue is used in vaccines is a fact, viruses and microbes are grown in them. For a moral relativistic scientist, real or absolute morality is foreign. Also especially with moral argument. Now here comes the first moral argument: is it moral to use a dead human's cells to create new medicine regardless of consent?

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The Chinese are making an "immortal" human aborted foetal cell line to use for vaccines.

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He said that they used 76 aborted babies in just one clinical study that he was a named author on. And using the Catholic Church as a moral authority? Do you live in the 1500's?

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What moral authority do you expect a satanist to use?

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Point being?

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I'm going to downvoat this because I'm confused and angry.

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exactly how naturalnews wants it

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vaccines... dirty-gyosy-jew fake "science" in order to create fake "commodities" in order to pass fake "laws" to require foreign citizens to purchase dirty-gypsy-jew fake "medical commodities"... hows that retard... clear enough!

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so this is your new account name.

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