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From study:

We aimed at compiling all long-term insect surveys conducted over the past 40 years that are available through global peer-reviewed literature databases. To that effect we performed a search on the online Web of Science database using the keywords [insect] AND [declin] AND [survey], which resulted in a total of 653 publications.

IMMEDIATELY file-drawer effect. They didn't even search for studies where insect population estimates weren't in decline, therefore ensuring their results by design. This is a trash study.

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I'm skeptical of anything that comes out of a university nowadays. Their devotion to activism taints everything they do.

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There are more insects in one square mile than people on Earth. Ants have more biomass than all the humans that have ever lived, so I'm going to go with a solid "no" on this one.

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This is what we call "science" lol

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good luck collapsing nature

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fishing stocks, take note.

also the example of Easter Island.

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Anything that takes a critical look at the overuse and toxicity of pesticides is welcome in my book. I wish they looked more deeply into how awful it is for people as well as nature.

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I wish. Nothing but bugs here from April to November.

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The sooner the better.