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It's just as bad in the US.

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Its actually WORSE in the US because of legal ability to do so historically.

Large (((middlemen))) in NYC created the problem of expensive fish routinely being swapped with cheaper fish.

The State of Forida passed strict , very strict, laws against Tarpon being swapped, so all restaurants immediately stopped selling any Florida tarpon. The Fishermen did not see the unintended consequences of overreach by imprisoning the final purchaser and not the (((wholesaler))).

Sushi on BOTH COASTS in USA swap "Red Snapper" for far cheaper garbage fish. Some blame smaller sushi restaurants, but its also the (((wholesalers))).

Many science studies show half of USA sushi is mislabelled, but the best sushi in the world for PRICE is ironically in USA not tokyo, due to less demand side pressure for "uni" and other specialties.