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2019-02-08 | Wayward Satellites Test Einstein's Theory of General Relativity - Scientific American

'Even after the Galileo satellites were nudged closer to circular orbits, they were still climbing and falling about 8,500 kilometers twice a day. '

'Any subtle deviation from this pattern might give physicists clues for a new theory that unifies gravity and quantum physics. '

'The new studies, published last December in Physical Review Letters, again verified Einstein’s prediction—and increased that precision by a factor of 5.6. '

'Over the course of three years Delva’s and Herrmann’s teams watched how the resulting shifts in gravity altered the frequency of the satellites’ superaccurate atomic clocks. '

'In a previous gravitational redshift test, conducted in 1976, when the Gravity Probe-A suborbital rocket was launched into space with an atomic clock onboard, researchers observed that general relativity predicted the clock’s frequency shift with an uncertainty of 1.4 × 10–4. '

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