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nice.. i let my college astrophysics in the attic and finally caught up to the idea of bosons in recent years, now there are ultralight bosons.

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Everyday we inch closer and closer to finding either "the graviton" of the process which we will need to understand in order to create and control gravity fields.

Then we will have on earth zero gravity manufacturing, electrically powered thrustless flight, and FTL.

We need to win the war, humanity is resting on the shoulder's of the whites and the japs, the rest is genetic dead weight to be left behind indiscriminately fucking, killing, and "enriching" eachother.

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That's not how any of this works. And there's no such thing as thrustless flight, and FTL is impossible.

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you sir are an idiot and i refuse to engage you as it would be a waste of time. your likely answer to anything is "god" or some other such bullshit answer attempting to avoid the natural world being governed by laws which can be measured, examined understood and predicted..

Thrustless flight is possible, gravity is a field of influence and FTL is entirely possible just not by our current understanding of the physical world, much like the only answer to fire, medicine an xbox or cellphone in the ancient world wold would have been "magic" or "god" the same is true of modern mystery's and science will explain it all eventually. your argument is akin to people of the early 18th century stating that man could never attain flight.

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Its interesting how you seem to be so sure of how everything works yet whenever I point out the serious flaws in the mainstream theories you advocate you choose to ignore them.

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You are one hilarious idiot.