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The technique users super-heated water to convert

Hmm ... sounds familiar and expensive ...

Fischer-Tropsch Process

Germany had to use this to produce fuel during World War 2. Problem was, it was dangerous and frightfully expensive.

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Amazingly clever people we are ... turn petroleum into plastic, then turn plastic into petroleum. We could use hemp to make our plastic, but nooooo ....

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No one is making plastic out of hemp, but it's not because of Big Oil. Bioplastics just don't perform anywhere near as well as petroplastics. Hemp is not a wonder material. If it was then we would already see Big Hemp instead of Big ________. The wealthy elite would have capitalized on hemp and patented their developments so they could make money off of it if it were truly a wonder material. Monsanto would have made GMO hemp strains that they could control and charge farmers to plant but we aren't seeing this because hemp is no better than bamboo, switch grass or other bio-industrial materials. Look at the materials Big ________ controls to see the true wonder materials and stop making hemp something it isn't.

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That's my argument too. Pharmaceutical companies sell anything and everything they can. THC is already patented and sold as medicine, if there were more applications believe me, they'd be pushing for it.

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So the treasury secretary Andrew Mellon, who owned Mellon Bank, the financial backer of DuPont, who had invented nylon in 1935, didn't appoint his nieces husband Harry Anslinger as Director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, who in turn didn't feed anti cannabis propaganda news stories to William Randolph Hearst (media magnate) and then author the Marijuana Tax Act that congress passed in August of 1937? And Henry Ford's first Model T didn't have panels made of hemp? We must have a long history of getting fake news here in Australia, I should have stuck with engineering!

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how do you know so much about this? do you work in this field?

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Big oil made hemp illegal a long time ago which is why it never took precedence.

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BULLSHIT. How many of these phoney baloney miracles do we read every month? WHO thinks this sort of thing is making anyone who MATTERS (intelligent) hopeful and NOT dismayed instead?

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I've always thought it would be worth the effort to crack the Patent Offices for their records. People are always going on about what (((they))) are lying about or hiding without realizing they flat out admit to classifying top secret dozens of mechanical and chemical ideas presumably for the good of "the public". Before I saw the comments I had no idea the Germans had already discovered this than that they built the first stealth craft in the middle of WWII

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New? Welcome to ww1.

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Now if only they could convert this waste president into something useful.