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Even if the tech existed, mining precious metals from asteroids near Earth is a stupid idea that could only serve to crash the markets for those materials. We already have plenty of everything here. What this concept could potentially be useful for would be the construction of distant colonies, so that supplies from Earth don't have to be flown in. Imagine a drone fleet that arrives before our people to build the settlement from existing materials while we're in transit.

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it’s stupid to make high technology more available to everyone

Die now.

crash the markets

GOOD. There aren’t gold asteroids, and there likely aren’t silver ones, either. The market will be FINE. We don’t NEED other metals to be expensive. Why would you want that?

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Fuck off you asstarded shill. No one wants to crash the world's economy just so you can have auto-gay luxury space Communism.

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And I want a unicorn.

I will grant you the technology is mostly available. But it could never be profitable. Like was pointed out in 1970: If there were bars of solid gold sitting on the surface of the moon, we couldn't afford to go get them. Gold isn't that valuable. The economics have, if anything, gotten worse.

So they are about $750 BILLION dollars short of getting there. BUT if their rich uncle dies and leaves them $750 BILLION to go to this solid gold asteroid, then they can bring back $400 billion worth of gold.


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The value isn't there. It's in not having to move those mined materials into, and out of, a gravity well. The idea is to use such to manufacture in space.

It's still very, very early. It may someday happen.

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I read once in a fiction book "When it is time to railroad you railroad". The point being that in our scramble up the technological ladder from caves to fire to rockets you can't really skip any steps. One can see the lingering damage even today to Russia which mostly skipped the entire industrial revolution going from 14th century technology to 20th one generation. It leaves holes in your society's psyche. An even more horrific example is Africa. They have been drug against their will from 6000 B.C. to the 20th century. What we have done to them is best described as inhumane.

Point being that yes, I'm sure if we conquer feminism and islam and the other forces trying to destroy civilization we will one day be mining asteroids. But you can't jump to the end of the book. And we are nowhere near that point in our intellectual evolution yet.

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Their reasoning is self-defeating: once you've developed the tech to get into that asteroid to build your base, you've developed the tech to mine without the internal operation.

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Didn't the scifi guys write books about that subject

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Yeah? Well, I want to become the Emperor of Mars and rule the solar system from a golden throne. And there's more liklihood of me getting my wish than of these "scientists" getting theirs.

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Good luck with that.

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