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Didn't NASA announce to send human to Mars in 10 years time... in 1970

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And even back then people were complaining that money was going to Apollo instead of welfare. And in 1970, they had the cold war, they had the space race, they had Von Braun, they had merit based hiring. Today they don't even have the Saturn V, and the best they could make is the SLS, which still isn't as powerful. Like a shitty indie dev, they've shat out a mediocre rocket and are making wild promises about how great it will be when it finally gets out of development (never).

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I'm not one of those, we didn't land on the moon type people, but when you start a video with, "Although we have done it before..." Why even say that?

Edit: The article is about the moon, the video is about mars. That makes no sense.

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We didn't. The evidence is overwhelming if you look. Aulis.com is an awesome website if you're intellectually curious.

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If they point to the "shadows at the wrong angles" and try to claim that as evidence of fakes photos, and omit the fact that light does not have the same diffraction angles on the moon, as light does through earth atmosphere, then they are lying to you. Frauds. Shadows will not be at the same angles on the moon, as they are on earth. In fact, the odd looking shadow angles are even more proof, that the landings are not fakes.

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This is amazing! and the site looks legit too. If someone who was even the most skeptical would at least watch it through, unless they are brainwashed beyond repair, it should enlighten them.

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https://archive.ph/bavL1 :

None | Nasa administrator announces plans to ‘go to the moon and stay’ | The Independent

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Just a sad grab for attention now that private companies are doing everything better, faster and cheaper than they ever had since the Apollo missions. I'd love to see it, but unfortunately NASA will be on the moon when fusion power breaks even on power output.

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Suuuure they do. Periodically NASA comes out with these grand statements, and they mean nothing at all. They are never backed by action.

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This thread is why I wish there actually was a Jewish conspiracy to genocide these idiots out of existence.

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This is awesome. Sign me up.

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It's impossible for NASA to go back to the moon, Stanley Kubrick is dead

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