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Definitely should be investigated and implemented where it can be if true

All actions that lower our overall impact on our environment should be encouraged globally

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I wish more understood that action more than the constant attacks at the global warming/climate change problem they want to say doesn't exist. We have an effect (often severe and large). We really should be minimizing our effect on the environment when possible.

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I can't believe anyone is even talking about cow farts. One volcano can spew forth more carbon dioxide in a minute than all the cows on Earth can out out in a year ... and they do, regularly. Lucky for us that carbon dioxide is harmless, does not cause global warming, and is plant food that results in higher yields from food crops.

I know the subject is methane, but the point stands. Methane isn't doing any harm to the environment, and cows produce a negligible amount of it.

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Methane isn't doing any harm to the environment

Citation needed

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No kidding. Yet another example of government creating a problem and coming up with a solution.

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Anthropocentric climate alarmism is sophist wizardry. They don't give a fuck about facts, or they wouldn't be torturing statistics based on false mathematical models for decades to make headlines like, "[random picture or event from somewhere in the world or photoshop] is proof that Climate Change is REAL and you should be scared!"

These faggots met in davos this year to coordinate how they are going to cast spells on you to give them your money and be a good slave. You might as well start calling psychologists scientists and adopt newspeak.

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Anthropocentric climate alarmism is sophist wizardry

I bet you feel incredibly proud of yourself for stringing together such a gloriously psuedo-intelligent statement.

And yet you come off sounding like a run of the mill wanna-be internet sleuth. Sad.

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Did you get a hard-on while you wrote that poetry?

ACC hardly rises to the level of pseudo-science with holes so big your ego could fit through. Show me evidence of a flat earth covered with a blanket, and maybe I'll consider changing my opinion.

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200 years ago there were millions, no joke, millions of bison roaming north American continent. The cattle being raised by ranchers would equal only about a tenth over all of the large beast populations. How are a few cattle a problem when millions of bison were not. It's a problem of perspective. The socialists want everything to be a problem, that only they can resolve, (with stupidity ignorance and graft). If we banned cattle and eating meat, would the problem go away? Of course not, but they would never admit it.

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All you need is a sound activated lighter secured under each cows tail to ignite the fart. And you get free CO2 to boot!

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It's amazing how much you corporate shills will champion anything that they do

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Plants produce CO2, pick your fake science and stick to it.

And cows are more environmentally efficient than vegetable farming once you consider acres of vegetables dont provide all essential nutrients, degrade soil, and require tractors. Tilling soil releases more methane than cow farts.

And naturally occuring field mushrooms reduce methane as much as seaweed.