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The older I get, the happier I am that I've always been a conservative woman in all respects.

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As a conservative woman, anything you feel like sharing from your earlier years or currently, what if any threatening situations and difficult times you experienced because of your personal opinions and 'politics', maybe general behavior of more liberal women towards you, in the workplace?

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Thanks for your interest, I have a few I may share on Voat in due course.

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Yea, I've got to agree with @Maddmartigan here. You should've put a PDF warning in the subject header. And we should also consider asking the ops for a function that can slap a pdf icon next to stuff like this in the future.

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Didn't think about it but I'll try to remember in the future.

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How sad it is for all those women who were sexually abused repeatedly as children under 10 yrs old. They hardly stand a chance for a happy and stable life. There are millions of them. Please pray for them

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Most porn stars admit to being raped or sexually abused. That's one reason I stopped watching it.

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Yeah, it’s almost like advocating rape.

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All the stuff they put in our foods these days is why kids are the way they are, When I was in 6th grade NO girls had boobs but NOW? They could pass as 16 yr olds, Always ask for ID. ALWAYS

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When I was in 6th grade, most girls had boobs. Only the girls with almost no boobs or the girls with really big ones wore bras. All the rest wore t-shirts or these kaftan-like thingies that you could see their boobs through. It was the 70s.

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I've read that it's simply the amount of calories (fat etc.). Overfeed and they mature faster. So not necessarily even additives, just shitty parents.

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They will NEVER admit to what they put in foods is that bad for you, Even super healthy kids mature faster than ever before

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One girl had boobs. But that was it. And her acne was so bad she wasn’t exactly the hottest. At that age we looked at butts and our female teachers. Maybe that’s why there’s such a push in the pornographic field for this instance.

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You mite be right. I don't know but something is up, a Girl in 6th grade should NOT be on birth control, Her parents should be shot, it is almost like she is trying to be the cool mom or IDK what,

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This study was published over 15 years ago. Would be interesting to see the same study done today with the purple haired whore millennial generation.

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I don’t have purple hair. fuck you boomer bitch.

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There’s more than millennials and boomers faggot.

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The more I learn about stuff like this, the more I inadvertently become a determinist.

I'm afraid of eventually not holding shitty, crappy individuals accountable for their awful behavior and terrible life choices.

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This smacks of the Kinsey report. How did they monitor sexual activity of minors? How did they extract date from kids before 11 to get the math? Breaking up the family base will lead to this. Single mom works two jobs and can't properly teach kids about life. No dad to monitor the household. For fucks sake as least give your kids enough self esteem to respect themselves before all others. They need to know some people will take advantage of them. Don't be sheep when some are wolves. (I rather be a Goat, cause well, Fuck You!)

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Lol at all the butthurt roasties downvoating this.

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