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...Or inherent abnormal brain chemistry causes early onset heavy drinking. You'll never know until some soulless, remorseless, slant-eyed Chink scientists run a randomized controlled experiment on human prisoners.

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Alcohol is a serious drug. Wouldn't be surprising in the least if it affects developing brains.

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Yes. I saw nothing to indicate causality.

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Your body treats alcohol as a toxin. It definitely has an effect on developing brains.

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Yep, I stopped drinking a while ago and feel great, poison is what it is

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I'm 19, glad to say I've never had alcohol.

Worst I've had is Coca Cola. May God help my soul. XD

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...it is a toxin. That's why your body rejects it as poison, until you build a tolerance.

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Alcohol causes brain damage, like any toxin: it's well documented. I've seen the alcohol-addled brain in action in real life and it's not pretty.

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There is still the question of hormesis.

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Substance abuse does bad stuff to you, also, water is wet.

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Too late to do anything about it now...

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If parents don't watch their teens such things would happen again and again. Parents need to protect kids anyway. In my family we installed an app called mspy on boysphone and can supervise their Internet activity, view the list of all visited websites and block the unwanted ones if needed. Also, we can track the current GPS location of boys phones and help if needed. There won't be such crimes if all parents watch for their teens

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Oh. Thats too bad.

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Another no shit moment.

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