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What the fuck China finally makes papers that aren't faked and they get retracted over ethics? It's still data that you won't get any other way.

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It's stupid, the research was done ethically. If it was so unethical, are they going to remove all the transplanted organs from people?

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At least they didn’t flay them, fill them with formaldehyde and parade their poses bodies around the world

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The article seems to be lying about where the organs came from as well. It suggests over 80,000 organs came from executed prisoners just from those studies, but I really doubt that many people are expected in China. Apparently exectution rates have been falling.

The 445 studies they identified involved 85,477 transplants. But 99% of those studies failed to report whether organ donors had given consent for transplantation.

From Wikipedia:

Dui Hua Foundation estimates that China executed 12,000 people in 2002, 6,500 people in 2007, and roughly 2,400 in 2013 and 2014.


Probably some of them came from executed prisoners, but I don't think there's enough to account for EVERY organ used. So where are they coming from? Maybe dead patients from hospitals? Seems more likely than executed prisoners.

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You're believing they don't have the power to lie and say a person died from natural causes, food poisoning, etc and then harvest the organs. Stop taking what communists and leftists say at face value they're inherently dishonest wake up.

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Not saying I'm endorsing Chinese papers (have my doubts about the quality), but generally speaking it's frightening when scientific facts have now to be hidden because of bullshit ethics concerns. We're doing the medical sciences a disservice, because the knowledge was obtained from executed prisoners? Huh? I mean that's exactly what will get the Western countries doomed, for the rogue countries to take over.

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Correction: ..executed prisoners of conscience...

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Like they destroyed Nazi research, that took decades to reconstruct

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precisely right. And I do think that serious felons should be owned by the People (with state as the proxy). Prison labor, and even medical research. YES, I really mean that, I'm not being facetious. People on death row should be used for medical research. We have innocent people dying because of insufficient research on medications, and because of a shortage of organs, so that death row inmates don't have to be "touched". If you're a murderer, then the People own you. Then you have voluntarily abdicated your rights to your own life, and even human rights. Only for serious felonies, that is. And again, China leads the way here, while the US is cucked up by the Dems and loves it that innocent people die because of inadequate medical research and insufficient organs, because of serious felons.

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They also take organs from dying people ('executed') that are alive when they harvest the organs. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3015801 Silly ethics concerns.

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indeed, indeed. Restricted to death row inmates after a fair trial, that's all fair game. Murderers have no more rights, not even human rights. And China knows how to be harsh with criminals. As long as the defendants get a fail trial, then after a conviction their organs are fair game.

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A lot of our ancient medical knowledge came from the results of very unethical procedures throughout history. If anything, we should take it a lesson on what not to do. But erasing knowledge because you don't like how it was obtained it extremely ignorant

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You can never erase knowledge. And that's exactly why the Dems want to ensure that studies don't even get published. Because then they WOULD be knowledge.

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Basically what happens, is you try to respond to your beliefs by confronting the government, taking a principled stand. You want to invoke civic or legislative change. The Chinese government detects this, and sends a capture team. The capture team assigns you a number, removing your real identify from your person. You are taken to a holding facility.

At this point you no longer exist formally. Your medical exam reveals which of your organs are functioning and harvestable. Your organs are posted for sale, or for some form of exchange or research.

A customer who purchases your organ, is flown to close proximity to your captured prisoner of conscience. Organ transplant is conducted by removing it from the non identity prisoner, into the purchaser.

The body organ victim is then studied or burned.

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I heard New Jersey is considering a similar Law.

When they come for MY organs, boy are THEY in for a treat.

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The "donors" are prisoners of conscience, mostly Falun Gong, not criminals. They are innocent people who merely want to practice their beliefs. Thousands of them have gone missing on the past several years. Concerned investigators have ample evidence that they are the source of the hundreds of thousands of mystery donors.

https://endtransplantabuse.org/an-update/ https://youtube.com/watch?v=6bJZrCWcxOc

I am so shocked that people here do not know about the forced organ harvesting. Governments around the world are speaking out against it. There are documentaries and articles in major newspapers and publications. Transplantation drugs from China are banned by many countries because they were developed and tested on living test subjects. Is this ethical research?

The Chinese Communist Party keeps an enormous DNA database of Falun Gong practitioners and can thus schedule transplants is a couple of weeks... No years long waits in China, they can locate a match and have him ready to butcher in days. Is this ethical?


There are so many articles on the organ harvesting that it would be easy to educate yourselves. You may end up finding that you are defending a practice that is totally against your principles.

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There are so many articles on the organ harvesting that it would be easy to educate yourselves. You may end up finding that you are defending a practice that is totally against your principles.

I posted an article in this thread about the Chinese organ harvesting, @Kahlypso79 contributed a huge amount of research with links on the topic of systematic global trafficking of harvested organs both from dead (murdered, abducted) and living people (convinced to sell an organ for nothing to get out of debt).

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the global trafficking post is hidden behind one of your replies on that other thread :)

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Good for you. I wish there were more people with your awareness.

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All our pressure data comes from that jap unit during WWII.

What asshole wants to find out what crush depth is for the human body themselves, because the japs came up with the answer in a mean way.

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Unit 731

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That's terrible! The chinks should've used dead babies like any real ethical scientist would.

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research needs to always be preserved, which means that the gatekeepers need to lose their power. Science needs to be mirrored via blockchain, or a public repo that people can clone and track changes on; it should never be removable at the whim or a board or ceo.

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that is an interesting idea, although I am not sure how that would work in principle.

A block chain is a database. This is easy to do with something like Bitcoin currency transfers.

it would be more difficult with a body of knowledge due to file size.

of course, I could be wrong

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https://files.catbox.moe/si3skc.png :

2019-02-05 | Call for retraction of 400 scientific papers amid fears organs came from Chinese prisoners | Science | The Guardian

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