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From study - https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10964-018-0912-8

Childhood conflict with parents negatively predicted the general well-being factor, across conflict models. Greater child-reported conflict with mother (b* = −.25 [−.34, −.16]), child-reported conflict with father (b* = −.25 [−.34, −.17]), motherreported conflict with child (b* = −.14 [−.23, −.06]), and father-reported conflict with child (b* = −.19 [−.30, −.08]) all predicted lower child well-being in emerging adulthood.


Child-reports of con flict with mothers predicted sense of purpose in life in emerging adulthood (b* = −.12 [ −.22, −.01]), accounting for other indicators of well-being. However, child-reported con flict with fathers and both parent-reports of con flict with their child did not predict purpose later in life. Higher child-reported con flict with fathers predicted life satisfaction in emerging adulthood after accounting for general well-being (b* = −.13 [−.22, −.04]). Child-parent conflict did not predict perceived stress after accounting for general well-being.

This is most interesting to me in that it appears when fathers report conflict it's far less destructive, even helpful. Mothers just seem to destroy their children, however. Sadly no separate analysis for single mother effects.

Equally bullshit is the tendency not to remark on this trend, and more baseless praise of the "importance" of mothers. Even though mothers consistently show greater harm in the negative and LESS positive effects than fathers. Reading as much as I do, I think there's a considerable bias against men and fathers. It's most important not to have a bad mother. It's even more important to have a good father. Positive effects with mothers are lowest, negative highest.

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Alternately the causation could be the other way around. Maybe kids who clash with their parents do so because they tend towards defiance, which makes it hard for them to find a social role later in life.

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If that were the case then you would also see a correlation among parents who perceive the child as clashing, rather than the child alone. It's a good thought, but they covered that with the fact the relationship is not reciprocal in self-reporting.

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Put another way, the mother contributes physical health of the baby while it grows. Once born, the mother needs to begin clearing the path for launch.

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My mother wanted me to work and give her money. She wants everything handed to her without having to do anything resembling effort. My father wasn't much more better, but he didn't make me quit high school so I can give him more money.

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My mother acted like a woman

I'm shocked.

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Modern women (from boomers to millennials) are only capable of taking from others to reinforce their solipsistic nature.

They sacrifice their own children without hesitation, both unborn and mature, for 3 seconds of attention.

Perhaps this visceral reaction against men is a self-preserving mechanism for their uselessness.

When men can invent artificial wombs, sex robots and formulas to feed infants.

What place would a woman have in the world 100 years from now?

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I can personally vouch for this.

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I think kids clash with their mothers because the mothers are trying to change them and mold them the way they want the kids to be. So not being able to pursuit your interest or passions in life which kills ur will to find a purpose.

Fathers will teach you. Mothers will force you.

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BINGO. Can confirm myself. The battles I had with my mom....

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And end up crying about jews on voat,lol.

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Or end up trying to troll on voat.

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Maybe just maybe, the mothers are to blame. Imagine this, you make a kid on purpose, literally a blank slate. then through your feminine hysterics and narcissism you whittle that kid into a mannequin only to be used for show when it suits your sick need for social praise. So you dress your kid in things without regard to what the kid wants. You force your disgusting religions onto them through physical intimidation. You expose them to dangerous child molesters that you bring home from the bar because "you need a night out". You turn the kid you wanted into an object to be utilized.

Then when that kid is old enough to talk back or go against your wishes you lose it. You fly off the handle and hit them, or allow your new "man" to hit them, so that the kid learns. It's just "tough love" you say, for you to beat the impression of yourself out of your child. Maybe, just maybe you beat that kid because deep down you realize that you hate yourself and punching a mirror doesn't help.

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Motherly love is one of the biggest lies we are sold. Women have children to lock down the father, or to satisfy a social or instinctive desire. They don't give a shit about their children.

inb4 There are exceptions, I know

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I clashed with my mother and when I talked to him, my father. I think this is going on the assumption that both the mother and father are actually worth a shit. My mother is lazy and my father was a sack of shit.

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I love girls with Mommy/daddy issues

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