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never let facts get in the way of agendas

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The ambiguity of that statement is beautiful.

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This is actually an excellent article about scientific analysis and mathematical modeling. Definitely worth reading!

The scientific community being tapped for political news is usually what I try to blame this on. Most scientists I've known are reasonable people who understand the value of getting good data and approaching a problem without bias. It's that a journalist with little to no understanding of the situation cherry picks their statements for political impact.

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Science journalism is a major problem. These guys get out of college and get a job at the NYT, and do a waltz through other people's commentary cherry-picking only the agreeable interpretations/models and then post articles with a lot of undue authority. Mind you there are good scientific journalists out there, but not many. I also think one of the big problems is that the academics themselves, the scientists who are doing the work, are brought up in a certain culture. When they write, they write for academics. Not many hard scientists are doing writing in the popular sense. That leaves the whole thing open for these journalists to act as the interface between academia and the public, and the publishing industry (be it print or online) is controlled by Jews.

Like everything else, it's declined with time. Journalism used to have standards, perhaps not to the extent we think ideal journalism should, but definitely more than they do today.

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Margin of error is an issue for most of these decades long graphs. Imagine suggesting a average global temperature in 1950 within a tenth of a degree. You gotta be fucking stupid.

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These idiots are paid to do their research by people with an agenda. You get a Grant, you better produce data they're looking for. It's an old game hiding behind "In The Name of Science." This is not science. It's politics. Dittos for all the Global Warming bullshit that's been going on for the last couple decades. The numbers have been intentionally skewed and everybody knows it - except the general public... who are the ones with the pockets Globalists are trying to get into.

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good info

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Global warming is nonscience. It is just part of the guff fed to us by the globalist media. Get over it.

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And none of this accounts for the increasing volcanic activity under the oceans (submarine). Did you know that there is much more "volcanic activity" at the bottom of the Earth's oceans than on the land surface?

How many volcanoes are there in the world? The exact number of volcanoes is unknown. It also depends on the definition of a "volcano": for instance, there are "volcanic fields" that comprise hundreds of individual eruption centers (such as conder cones, maars, shield volcanoes) that are all related to the same magma chamber and that may or not be counted as a single "volcano". There are probably millions of volcanoes that have been active during the whole lifespan of the earth. During the past 10,000 years, there are about 1500 volcanoes on land that are known to have have been active, while the even larger number of submarine volcanoes is unknown.


Where does this heat go; into the atmosphere?

Did you know that wherever the Antarctic ice shelf is melting there are volcanoes underneath?

Active volcano discovered beneath Antarctic ice sheet could be contributing to rapidly melting glacier

Moreover, the rest of Antarctica is gaining ice?

NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses

But random faggots keep claiming: "The science is settled on global warming.™"

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Beta man's chart - zettajoules chart, run for the hills!

Reality - it's 3 one thousands of a degree C. Shove that chart up yer arse.

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You are not supposed to think! Why can't you just follow the damn news and stop thinking!

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