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We're all the same though, no significant biological differences. Except for this one... oh, and all the visible ones (skin color, hair, eyes, etc)... and of course anatomical differences... and skeletal ones, forensics can determine race from nothing more than skeletal remain... and how certain diseases disproportionally affect different races (sickle cell)... but that's it though, no other biological differences! Certainly not temperament or intelligence, that would be racist.

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Youve been very pleasantly non-offensive and I hate you for it

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And intelligence linked to genetics.

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Das Rayis.

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Kikes need this propaganda to push open-borders and multiculturalism

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Holy shit, this is so racist. If anybody supports this bigotry I'll be at the gay bar giving out singles to confused kids in drag being exploited for my own sexual satisfaction. What's that? Oh pedophilia is wrong? Try and be a little more inclusive so I can finish expressing myself all over this child's chest. See? Isn't progressiveness totally non-toxic for society? My LGBTQIFRDZ+- friends feel the same way. Btw, socialism totally works! And fuck rich people! Poor people are always the one to hire me when I need work, because they obviously have the money to exchange for my services. Try and read Harry Potter, because all of my political and societal beliefs derived from that book. I've read it 6 times. You're a fascist so I refuse to acknowledge your opinion. I love debating on easy mode because I don't have any idea how to defend my argument! ;) ;) #resist #antifa #jewsrule #punchnazis #hitlerdidnotlovehispeople

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Delicious copypasta.

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white person–the most common race among donors


Although 29.8 percent of all U.S. candidates waiting for an organ transplant are African-American, only 13.5 percent of all organ donors in 2015 were African-American.

The evil white people and their altruism.

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So half-blacks will have neither races' donor organs help them live longer. Miscegenation is a detriment to their health.

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Yep, I remember a story posted either here or on a chan where some raced mixed kid (16 different races as each grandparent on both sides was mixed already) couldnt find a bone marrow doner because of the very unique gene mix it had.

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I don't understand how he could get a debilitating disease in childhood with all that hybrid vigor working for him.

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But but but “race is a social construct” — or at least that’s what they tell us in Sociology 101 class....

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Shouldn't this topic be forbidden?

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No, because the doctors have to know to give nigger organs to whites but only nigger organs to niggers.

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Are you trying to keep niggers from selling their livers for 40oz malt liqour moniez?

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Well duh. Using compatible parts for best results seems like a no-brainer.

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Colloquially known as "Bubba Science," publishing statistical proof of something that everyone already knew.
It can be an honest formality that tidies-up the scientific record, or a mediocre researcher's desperate effort to publish. A hint that it's the latter case is when the author feigns breathless amazement:

“Our data are intriguing,” said Dr. Gamblin.

Instead of summarizing with a discussion of known interclass correlations on proteins within familial and racial groups.

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Best of luck to the mystery meats

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