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Sociology has become a collection of conceits and fantasies that have no basis in reality. It's not a real science.

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It's because economics is about managing resources, running businesses and countries, while sociology is about finding an easy major and pretending to be important

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It's either about Sex, Money, or Power.

Darwin Biology > Smith Economics > James Psychology

Sociology is about classifying the trappings of extended phenotypes while denying evolution.

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Virgin Keynes vs Chad Austrian economics.

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Look at that butch kike. . .

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I think economics is more successful than sociology because of instances where changing economic policy had obvious benefits to the whole country, usually defeating inflation. In anglo-american countries the credit was awarded when monetarism appeared to work, although I believe that economists think they have got better ideas nowadays.

In Germany, they have something called Ordoliberalism, which started out as a reaction to hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic (when you look it up, don't stop at the bland Wikipedia article - see e.g. https://www.economist.com/europe/2015/05/09/of-rules-and-order) This is completely alien to most other brands of economics. It is very interesting that the EU is trying to run a unified currency - the Euro - when economist trained in their dominant country - Germany - see their subject in a completely different way from economists in all of the other countries.