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"Transcedental?" Don't sell yourself short will you?

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Race matters. The intelligence of Asians and Europeans may measure roughly the same on IQ tests (depending on regions being tested), but the qualities of the intelligence of a European mind are quite different from the qualities of an Asian mind. Europeans and Asians don't think the same way, they don't see the world in the same way, and they don't have the same mental abilities. Europeans are creative, Asians are imitative. Asians have a talent for refining existing things, but not for originating new things.

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hey babes... intelligence matters.... europe is on the continent of asia, “europeans” are asians .... caucAsian = white asian!

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I think you've gotten trapped in established narratives. China had moveable type, first. China had paper money, first. China had gunpowder, first. China had ceramics, first. China had silk, first. China had uniform civil service standards, first.

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If anything, China's problem was that it was too successful at erecting central powers that stifled or purged progress. From the perspective of those powers, their restrictions were well thought out and wisely implemented. They made out quite well, though their subjects often paid the price.

Unfortunately, the less centralized societies eventually exceeded the limit of restrictions that had been imposed only on the Asian leader's own people.

You could say that Western society is finally catching up to them - finally developing the "technology of prime rule" that China already had for millennia. Since their people never yet escaped it, it's unlikely we will escape, either.

Westerners have fallen under the leash. We will not escape. We will never be free again.