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How do they know it was the same photon?

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According to the article it sounds like they're trying to record information onto the photon's quantum state. So if a photon came in at the right time and with the right state, chances are it was the one sent by the transmitter.

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And with the technology they're using they can run a large number of trials pretty quickly. Run enough trials with a reasonable chance of success and eventually you'll win the probability game.

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If I am understanding this, for example if you send a nude, you should get it back.

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guize, this isn't going to lead to FTL communication. Quantum entanglement/teleportation is still restricted to the speed of light.

This is good for securing communications. Being able to exchange/teleport entangled particles over large distances will eventually be used to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks on communications infrastructure. We'll eventually end up using quantum shit to exchange cryptographic keys over large distances as a way of verifying identity while communicating over shared infrastructure.

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If my understanding is correct, this has nothing to do with quantum entanglement. They just use the word "quantum" as a buzzword. They are simply firing single photons instead of laser pulses or radio waves, so it's practically impossible to intercept. I'm not really sure how this is much different than a laser in terms of it's security, though.

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It is not limited by the speed of light. There are experiences that prove it.

Also RSA solved all cryptology problems like the interception of communications.

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This is the infancy of Sci Fi Ansible Communication Technology. Studying entangleded photons will lead to faster than light communication devices. No matter how difficult this may seem, at the moment this is the only natural phenomenon that has that ability. That man has discovered. We must explore this.

Ansibles (Communication faster than light speed) Warp Drives (Faster than light speed) and Sheild Generators (Protection from debri) are the Trifecta of needed technology that keeps man out of space colonization According to the scientific minds of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

Larry Niven and Jerry Parnel wrote the classic First Contact Sci Fi book “Mote in God’s Eye” with the forward and discussion about the differences in that human soceity compated to ours and what was holding us back, They specifically had in mind to keep our current limitations and not give the society anything more than what the bare necessities of technology mankind would need to seed the stars. Which turned out to be almost barren and deviod of intellegent life until they come across a species trapped in their own solar system that has never evolved their tech in 2 areas needed for space colonization, faster than light speed travel and instanious communication. Well that and the Moties had short brutal lives that devolved into total solar system war every 25-30 years. The cycle had repeated soo many times the Moties had long ago mined out all nuclear material for bombs in their entire solar system and used them all thousands of years ago. The entire book is a dark mirror held up for humanity to see what they could become without developing those three technologies I listed at the start of my rant.

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Ansibles (Communication faster than light speed) Warp Drives (Faster than light speed) and Sheild Generators (Protection from debri) are the Trifecta of needed technology that keeps man out of space colonization According to the scientific minds of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

I think we need a bit more than that. We also need to have some inexhaustible or renewable way of generating massive amounts of energy, and some way of sustainably producing all of the consumables needed to maintain human life.

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Energy generation was overcome in the book by the way they warp traveled, through ever changing wormholes positions that they accidently discovered which the Motie’s hadn’t and the need for resorces was diminished because humanity had colonies everywhere by that time. So you could stock up in between wormhole jumps. Energy production could be reserved for sheilds and artifical gravity creation.

I do agree energy production needs to be refined and there is no way that we are going to luck out and find a massive wormhole complex ready to dash us around the galaxy. Niether did the Moties, part of the dark reflection of Earth and humanity in my mind that books explore through the Moties (The Motie’s are us millions of years into constant a Solars System wide War that kicks off once every 25-30 years in my mind a Dark Mirror.)

This type of particle science is the infancy of Ansible tech and we should study it. Like anti-matter reactors, helium 4 fusion reactors, nuclear reactors will be the first type of drive systems humanity tries for before discovering gravitational wave drives and other far fetched dreams.

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Maybe faster than light communication will reveal a very noisy cosmos and an answer to the Fermi paradox

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Not with the type of entangled particles we are discussing. You theoretically would have to tangle them all preflight and they would have a limited number of entangled particles that you would have to condense codes and save for important messages. It would allow though for rudementary instant communication between two linked particle machines at this stage even. Making sure the entangled light particles are not changed in way due to other communications or interference is key.

So no, you would not be picking up or tuning into cosmic chat.

Quantum computers is a great example of this same type of scientific theory being explored. You definatley do not want anything affecting the quatum state or particles that is not designed too. That was a big problem through out the production of quantum computers. If other aliens communication was being picked up on your machines it would come across as malfunctioning particles that would not allow you to communicate any more rendering the device near useless. The light particles have to be linked to each other and are currently limited to one interaction. Once you disturb one the other reacts instantly but that entanglement is then lost and the light particles loose their ability to respond to each other. To my understanding. So this type of Ansible built as is with our tech now would be very very limited in it’s ability to communicate but we need to explore ways to affect each particle without breaking the quantum entanglement thus creating a reliable and reusable machine.

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Complete bullshit.

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A photon may be a particle or a wave. Wonder which they used.

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I don't think it is so much a matter of "using" a particle or wave. Whether it is a particle or a wave is more an artifact of how it is observed/classified.

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More pricesely, photons behave like a wave until they are measured. They are best described by a probability density function, and until you interact with them the actual position of the photon is not determined. Once you force them to be at a certain position then they behave like a particle.

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“are of crucial importance to the economic and military security of the nations that deploy them.”

“Military intelligence, two words combined that can’t make sense” ~ Megadeth

Economy is military when fractured into a spectrum that no one can see ~ Me

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