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It's a total tangent, but I'm going to be honest. The moment I saw the name of the virus, I thought to myself: Somebody's gonna drop brackets around that in the comments.

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My (((Coincidence detector))) browser add-on did it for me.

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“psychiatry” is a dirty-gypseys-jew fake “science”....

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The EBV nearly ruined my life. I caught it when I'm in my twenties, and after that felt very sick for years. I'm still not the same person, that's after 6 years! If I do any exercise I get some kind of immune response that leaves me feeling sick and unable to sleep. I've gotten used to feeling like shit all the time and having no energy. All this started from kissing a girl. If anyone asks, chronic fatigue syndrome is very very real. I wish scientists could work out what is going on to cause it, but so far it seems it is treated as a phycological issue. The EB virus seems to be involved in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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To my knowledge I have never had mono but I know most of us are exposed to it. I have had similar issues with the working out. This is what I did. Maybe it will help you.

Anytime I would out I would get a huge adrenaline rush and not be able to sleep, sometimes for a very long time. I would stay up, have to work, have family obligations and end up sick. I started working out in the morning before work. After a couple of months of doing this, after my body got used to the adrenaline rush, I could work out at lunch if I wanted to. After I got in even better shape I can now lift some weights in the evening and still sleep but this took a few months. Just try working out very early in the morning before work. You'll sleep at night.

Alcohol severely fucks up my immune system. If I drink then I will drink Guinness or Vodka with apple juice. I don't mix the vodka with orange juice. I can handle a few rum and cokes but not too many. The vodka I use is Russian Standard. For the price, it's a little better than Stoli. You have to be careful because you will barely taste it in the apple juice if you mix it right. A drink or two every blue moon will help me sleep before bed but I drink at most every 2 weeks. I have to be really careful and not drink any shit beer like Budweiser or drink anything with Tequila, etc.

Wheat Grass, some good wheat grass is the absolute best thing you can do to help fatigue. It will also curb your appetite and smoking cravings if you smoke. I can't do the recommended dosage because it will give me the hulk shits. I take a lil at lunch, about half the recommended dose with food. This helps a lot. If you take it in the morning, even better just make sure you eat something, even if it's some toast. Your body has to adjust to it like it would fiber but it will. If you're getting the hulk shits make reduce the amount you're taking and make sure to mix it with food.

I take Garlinase or something similar everyday, unscented garlic. You can tell a difference after a few weeks.

If you can't work out like heavy cardio then try taking walks. Make them relaxing. Even a 30 minute walk a day makes a huge difference. Personally, I prefer free weights but I mix in cardio if I'm not doing enough fucking on a regular basis. My work hours are odd now and I have plenty of steady so that's rare but you get my point.

Stop smoking. If you can't, at least reduce your smoking. This is one of the worst things you can do. If you can't stop smoking, because it was Hell on me to quit then just work on reducing it. I couldn't go to vaping. I had to just work off cigs slowly then go to cigars then I went to a pipe and then I was able to quit.

Stop eating fast food. I can't stress this enough. Most of those people are literally retarded. I get sick every time I eat out now. I can't even handle an egg mcmuffin anymore.

Stop getting ice from the ice machines at restaurants. That is the nastiest shit there is, same with shitty restaurants like Mcdonalds and BK and their ice cream machines.

Reduce high fructose corn syrup. I take my coffee black but before that I stopped using the creamer and started using sugar cane sugar and almond milk. I prefer it black now, nothing in it. I drink less coffee and it is more effective. If I take wheat grass in the morning I don't even need or crave the coffee. Stop keeping soda in the house. If you do then keep something like Sprite. Cutting out high fructose corn syrup is difficult and your body will go through withdrawals but it is very easy to cut back on it doing the things i listed.

Melatonin tablets are awesome to help you get sleep. I work very odd hours now but they really help me. The trick is, go to bed right after you take them or you may be up all night. Listening to Thomas Hall's Hypnosis videos also help me sleep. I have an old school heater that helps me go to bed in the winter, fan for the summer and I like to listen to the sound of rain. Everyone is different but find what does it for you. Salt lamps can help. I find leaving my phone way out of reach helps, like across the room.

Reduce dairy and avoid soy. A week after I quit dairy I could tell I was way skinnier. The bloating went away. I felt way better. If I use milk in cereal then I use almond milk.

Avoid any wheat grass, coffee or suplements like niacan after 12 pm. They can keep you up for a long time.

If you reduce your alcohol or change the type of of alcohol you drink, cut down on high fructose syrup, cut down on your eating out, use some good wheat grass, get some quality sleep then you will absolutely tell a huge difference in all ways from your digestive system to your sleep to your energy levels. I have no need to lose weight but years ago I lost a lot doing this and kept it all off.

You may have already made the changes or taken the suggestions I listed but if you haven't then start to do so. Remember it may take a few weeks to really show but it will. I noticed a change after about a week and felt way better after 7 weeks then 4 months later I felt almost completely normal except when I caught a cold or something, which is very, very rare now.

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Thank you fellow goat, I have real trouble with falling asleep(no sleep can even go on for few days) resulting in being half baked most of the time(but sometimes it reverse and I feel like exploding with energy, cynicism and racial rage and this is when I do major shit and catch up with most procrastination), now I need to check myself for this bs. Don't have any rush on my mouth associated with herpes thought

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babes... try infrared light therapy.... problem solved!

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I just got over chronic EBV after two years of hell. I feel your pain. I got married and had a baby during it, so hard to function. I tried so many different things and the thing that finally worked was a lot of liposomal vitamin C. I used Live on labs and Revitalize wellness's versions. I highly recommend trying it. Really hope you can find what will work for you!

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Thanks. I might give it a try. Nothing to lose right?

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But without Schizophrenia who would populate the Qanon boards?

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the kikes who pretend to be Q followers obviously.

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neck yrself , shill

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Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a herpes virus

Is this at all related to the herpes that is spread by Jews when they suck on the blood from a freshly circumcised penis?

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If there was any truth to this bad science, schizophrenia wouldn't just attack people within a certain age group.

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This explains @SaveTheChildren!

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How is this mason word-craft passed off as science?

This is absolutely moronic backwards logic!

If schizophrenia makes people more immune to an infection, that infection can't remotely be considered connected. Studying the infection can't give you anything new about schizophrenia!

So why are they using these narcissistic reality warping tactics to creat confusion surrounding schizophrenia?

Because the MK ultra victims have been labeled as this. Gaslighting them, discrediting their stories, drugging, confinement and medical abuse!

Schizophrenia is a made up fake diagnosis to hide and trap abuse victims for the cabal.

Why else would their be tens of millions of people with a mysterious mental illness that we know nothing about?

Why else would we have a genuine diagnosis of Narcissist Victim Syndrome NVS that no one has been diagnosed with anywhere!?

This is why the MK ultra victims can never get help, justice or support.

As Q posted. The psychiatrists are all involved in the mass shootings. They do this with narcissistic abuse and mind control techniques. That's why after so many shooters being on ssri's they are still handed out like candy and even forced on patients.

Because your rights disappear the movement they label you as insane.

I am one of those trapped and pushed to breaking point. I have experienced this first hand.

They are running cover for the recent MK ultra documents making the mainstream news.

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The Epstein-Barr is strong in you.

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i hope your cult turns on you eventually and you get sacrificed to the Prophet Q. everyone knows your bullshit will only get worse.

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A common virus is getting more credit than the more common approach of ritualistic abuse with the inevitable broken mind if done right.

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the schizophrenia is caused by brain damage, because it is a neurological disorder. a virus that reaches the brain most certainly can damage the brain. any immune response of chemical imbalance in the brain will also impede certain brain functions, and therefore would be diagnosed as schizophrenia among other conditions. its another useless science article describing what we already knew, but in a wrong sensationalist way. your "science" is lightyears behind. thank god thats not real science.

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Filter these people out of psychiatry and no more schizophrenia diagnosis!


This is what actual science looks like.

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Oh I thought Tucker Carlson said on TV it was caused by marijuana?

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