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Irony. Vox will never admit they are wrong. Guaranteed, they are wrong.

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YOU should be filled with doubt, and uncertainty, and lack of confidence, about your beliefs, but not US at VOX. We have thought about it, and we are right about everything, OK.

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Also, per the article content, the solution is get 95% of the women out of science, and especially the humanities. These disciplines are flooding themselves with women, preferrentially letting women get into PhD programs, and destroying what was once a decent field (psychology) - that was actually relatively young as a legitimate natural science. The dissertations these women are doing are just so sub par. They're getting doctorates based on bullshit research, getting these prestigious positions and driving the entire field into the dirt.

It really sucks. At least cognitive neuroscience appears to be holding out better than psychology. Because you know, it's hard to SJW that shit.

I just get so pissed to see us throwing our rich academic project in the West away on this shit. Turning it into a fucking game of seduce the professor, write a bullshit dissertation on why black women feel uncomfortable in office settings, and then get jobs that should go to men doing proper fucking research, not studies on diversity and inclusion practices and perceptions of rape culture.

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Funny. They talk about humility, and they attack Trump the whole article. They talk about maybe being wrong, and they only refer to their enemies who are so obviously wrong.
The other examples are stupid, they consider Theranos' failure and the replication crisis to be due to arrogance and bluster(just like Trump!). They do not know what they are talking about and they don't even care.

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Criticism for thee, but not for me.

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They've spent so long being proud and arrogant that for them to even publish something like this is surprising. Are they trying to turn a new leaf? Doubtful.

Vox is known for it's shitty journalism that appeals to the special kind of people who make up their reader base. The majority of people who will read this will fail to see the hypocrisy.

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Tell that to socialists.

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Aka Vox so they are

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And capitalists

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I know this. My old church tried this one on me. I was a wrong evil little child of satan. Because i would not have faith and surrender after being attacked and not putting up with being re-homed into a predators home.

"surrender" to gods plan. Have faith. I protected my friends from being attacked by being a "leader" and taking it for them. I had my fucking attacker standing behind me holding me beaming to my mother about how much of a good fucking leader i was going to be one day as i smiled and the tears slightly flowed.

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Sounds like you got 'mentored'. Or rather, groomed.

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Being groomed is a horror show if you know what the fuck is going on.

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Interesting potential paradox in that they start by citing the problem of scientific studies being wrong and go on to cite studies to support various claims made about how people behave. Psychology along with other sciences is known to have a big problem with studies not being reproducible i.e wrong. Often due to bias or the emphasis on novel work somehow leading to results they are looking for . to show how it can happen you could examine what happened with the faster than c(light speed in vacuum) neutrios that broke all the physics laws/theories and had to be wrong or something was very wrong. Turns out they made errors.

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Only works if you're wrong....

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https://files.catbox.moe/bw1r4o.png :

Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong - Vox

'But I’m going to take it as a point of conviction that intellectual humility is a virtue. '

'For the past few months, I’ve been talking to many scholars about intellectual humility, the crucial characteristic that allows for admission of wrongness. '

'In asking that question of researchers and scholars, I’ve learned to appreciate how hard a challenge it is to foster intellectual humility. '

'These studies haven’t looked at intellectual humility per se, but it’s plausible there’s an overlap. '

'In my reporting on this, I’ve learned there are three main challenges on the path to humility:This is all to say: Intellectual humility isn’t easy. '

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Hi Derram , what subs does your bot monitor?.

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It monitors the streaming endpoint on the api, which will show all subs.

It also does a check on the top posts of /v/all in case it missed anything the first time around and it checks /v/botzoo in case I'm doing some testing.

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