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I've always had a problem with the way modern people treat aging. Like these people are hopeless sacks of shit and we should just tolerate age-related decline in physical and mental function. It's ludicrous. Human beings didn't evolve to hit 50 years and just start falling apart, at least not in the sense I see apologized for constantly today.

I've always thought that this idea of the geriatric "inability to learn" was really just being entitled, stubborn, and refusing to adapt because "I'm older and we did it differently in my day!". Tough. We aren't in your day anymore. Sorry if this sounds like I take care of an older person who is lazy and entitled as fuck, because I do.

I have watched other people age gracefully and continue to get a lot of exercise, eat healthy, and take care of their bodies in a very conscious way. I've watched those same people live into their 80s, walking, gardening, swimming until their last few weeks. It's possible. We just promote a shitty idea in our culture that once you hit a certain age, social security kicks in and its time for everyone else to take care of everything for you, including health. How many diabetics who will blame genetics and blame the health system for not "fixing" them. The boomer generation is the most disgustingly entitled generation of all time. I worked my whole life, I should be taken care of! You and everybody else, and guess what? I won't be retiring at 55 like many of you guys did, and I won't have entitlement programs around to take care of me either. That's life. Stay self-reliant as you fucking can for as long as you can.

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It is mostly because they started acting like worthless pieces of shit. I know the women in my family that pass 50 act like they are completely debilitated by pain and are senile, as long as they think your paying attention anyway. If you catch them unawares, it is amazing just how energetic they are.

I had to cut myself off from most of my family, just because of bad values, such as lying. I dont want my children learning from them.

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It's mostly because increasing standards of living made marketing to children effective as they would nag their stay-at-home mothers who controlled the family's daily disposable cash. Then, capitalizing on normal teenage rebellion, marketers had an easy time because young people lack the life experience and cynicism of older people, thus they got to set the agenda.

70 years later, here we are, with a hyper-materialist dystopia where anyone above the age of 30 is treated as a leper and boomers are to blame for everything bad while millennials get the credit for everything good.

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The one that I am sure we have all heard is that we get fatter as we age.

I wonder if its possible for a 90year old to do a handstand push-up.

It would be funny if I could still pass the UK royal marines fitness test at 50.

I found a guy who passed the Royal Marines recruit training at 55 Chris Terrill.

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We'll see what happens when your ass gets there. We all said the same thing when youth was on our side too. You can literally feel yourself declining after your 30s. Taking care of yourself physically only improves your lot. You will never regain your peak. There's a reason the best chess players and athletes are young.

The raw animal and sports data says you're simply wrong.

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I'm mid 50s and about as fit as ever, maybe more so, certainly, lower body fat than ever. I've counteracted by learning items related to health and fitness, and kept my mind clear via meditation and similar exercises. Libido is down, but that is as much a blessing as anything. I'm happier than ever. @chirogonemd

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Hey, I'm not saying aging is a reality we choose, or can choose to avoid. Again, I've taken care of a few aging folks in my time. What I am saying is there is a difference between going into that and "raging against the dying" and just doing nothing because its the fault of "genetics" and doctors are supposed to do everything to fix you. I'm taking care of a woman who has diabetes and blames doctors for her condition and continues to eat like shit despite education coming at her from left and right, because "diets are hopeless" and "exercise doesn't work for me". Yes, aging is a bitch, but you also can't discount attitude and having the gumption to at least work against the damn thing.

As far as true degenerative diseases of aging, I'd agree with you. But there are several aspects of the aging process that can be delayed and better managed with some intentional exercise, mobility work, and eating right. The metabolic diseases are a big one.

But I'm also not specifically referring to disease. The loss of strength and flexibility is a big one that our culture just "accepts" now with aging, when it's perfectly reasonable to maintain the strength to stand up from a seated position (again barring the cases of outright disease states), or pick up a 10 lb. bag if you just stayed marginally active. People shouldn't be 65 and unable to get down on the floor and get back up.

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Thanks goat. Obviously you have more brain cells than OP.

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Been trying to learn spanish at 43 its fucking super hard. I even have a decent base and still hard as fuck but i couldmt learn it in college as well some people are better at some things then others language is obviously not a strong point for me.

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If you are in the USA, you better learn your barrio spanish so you can ever get any blue collar job.

Gringos go to the back of the line.

Beaners took over most things.

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They will get along with you a lot better if you make a few passable attempts at conversational Spanish. You don't even have to really speak it.

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Fucking revolving. The problem is that it's fucking true.

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God I wish you weren't correct, but I fear you are.

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Language is notoriously hard. Immersion will help.

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↑this. I had a tough time getting fluent in French, until I started listening to french talk radio and switching the audio channel on movies/tv shows. Join a couple forums for stuff you're interested in, etc. Become invested in needing to use the new language, for anything. Otherwise your brain seems to discard the new skill-set as useless. Even native speakers will lose their original language proficiency, if they live in another country and don't speak their native tongue for like a decade, or so.

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I dunno. Having lived in other cultures I still found it difficult. Some people just have a propensity for it.

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It helps to have someone around that speaks the language. Learning Hungarian at thirty ain't easy, either, but I got my dad around to help with pronunciation and sentence structure.

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To be fair, Spanish is a little more tricky than it looks. It is one of the languages where "speaking like a textbook" is very obvious. There is also significant regional variance.

IIRC though it technically has the least number of words of any major modern language. I could be making that up.

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Language with the fewest words: Taki Taki (also called Sranan), 340 words. Taki Taki is an English-based Creole spoken by 120,000 (blacks only) in the South American country of Suriname.

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Absolutely. And if you speak like a gringo with spainaird Spanish then the beaners will laugh at you.

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It's not about the number of cells, its about the connections between them.

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Yes, and that is the problem.

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is this why my university offers free indoctrination classes to seniors? The very same classes that dyed haired fucks attend?

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Yeah most teenagers these days are destroying their brain cells with perscriptions, adderall, weed, alcohol, porn, leftism and netflix.

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adderall and weed got me through engineering university. You can find a perfect zen like place, where you can absorb information like characters in the Matrix. Just downloading shit. But alas, some people can't handle drugs, and that's ok.

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So there is a wee hope for shallow virtue signalling Boomers and Mills!

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With all the lead probably not.

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Depends on where you live.

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there is if yous avoids brain and glandular toxic fluorides while supplementing with iodines and avoiding fake corporate “foods” that are preprocessed (all are rancids including top shelf)... also importance daily exposure to suns infrared photons, cheers ups babes!

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What's the best iodine to take?

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I don't understand why you were downvoated.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, rejoice ! There is hope yet.

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