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Because what could possibly for wrong ?

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thanks for the update

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Bookmarked. Will watch this page closely.

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or we become nothing ... nullifying this conversation still lol.

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So we spin trillions of protons and anti-protons near the speed of light in near absolute zero vacuums a few hundred meters under France and Switzerland then collide them to see what happens. So far my favorite was capturing a few Anti-Hydrogen atoms for a short time to determine they were exactly what was expected and behaved identically to photons. Thus proving our universe couldn't exist as there is no bias for anti vs non anti matter.

Now maybe a new fundamental particle has been discovered with twice the mass of a typical carbon atom. Can't wait to see what they do with it. Is this whole project funded by taxes on Frenchmen? If so, the collider may be down for a bit longer than expected.