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Not surprised at all. They suppress evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology. And damn them for it too-- those fields are the future whether they like it or not.

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They know it. Future for (((me))), not for thee.

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Lol. There's no such thing as evolution. Look at niggers. Do they look evolved to you?

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Whatever is alive now is as evolved as it needs to be to survive. Anything else is credit on the slate of survival.

You only evolve as a species when bad shit happens and a % are wiped out.

Keeping cripples alive or giving out benefits stops us evolving because we never weed that shit out.

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How do they suppress evolutionary psychology? Seems like it's been all the rage for years.

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They tend to suppress anything that shows an evolutionary pressure toward monogamy. But if it suggests we should fuck like Bonobos, it's streamlined. But it's mostly an issue that a lot of useful research that could be done to help us better frame today's social problems is made impossible, for instance anything to do with evolutionary psychology of Africans. The literature is plentiful on European populations, but is barren of anything to do with blacks. Small wonder.

Any science that might depict something genetically causative for discrepancies in black life outcomes is snuffed out, and any scientist who dared pursue it would be committing career suicide. The Leftist strong arming of academia is destroying science, most significantly in the humanities. Psychology is kind of on the borderland. Even when psychological science wasn't in the state it was today, there has always been a bit of skepticism there, well, because studying the subjective experience is difficult to do, and methodologies in psychology can be really really poor. It has to be done really well to be useful, and SJWs are destroying psychology. Social work has been an SJW political lobby for years. And obviously the gender and cultural studies departments.

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How come cultural marxism has a grip on universities?

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Scientific journals rejected published articles, resubmitted in disguise http://ecclesiastes911.net/published_articles_rejected/

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I am a scientist, I can confirm... I don't_think_i've done this, but I've submitted a paper that may have different, negative, results if more time and samples were taken. I didn't have the time, however, and am under pressure to publish like every one else. So publish first, and then let other people falsify you if your results aren't accurate.

Feel free to AMA if you like.

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(((they))) like it that way. So you can never complete the thought only give out half formed thoughts that are never complete. So that they can vilify the political enemies and discredit them. Publish or perish is a kike methodology. Intended to slow down progress of those with skill but not corrupt. If you give in you could have everything could ever want. Were you ever offered the choice?

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Not particularly offered any choices. I more or less did research as assigned and got publishable results with an acceptable P-value on a project I didn't want to be working on in the first place. In an ideal world I could get hired elsewhere without a bunch of publication notches in my belt, but the world is not ideal. If I want a future career, i must have journal articles with my name on them... and my results were significant enough to publish. [Honestly, if the results are good, there's some useful equipment that could be built using this work]. In terms of a choice, not really, i could either throw up my hands and declare the last year of work, or publish a brief paper and then get on with the other research project that I actually want to be involved in.

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Yeah, but science isn't about what you might think, it's about the observations. You did your work, so, there's nothing to feel bad about. These people that we're complaining about are knowingly stiffling research.

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Again, i'll be honest here; I could have done better with more time and a less hectic disaster in the lab to deal with. I was basically handed a project and told "here, solve this" and got some interesting, publishable, results and have a chance to publish them so I absolutely am. I still think that if the sciences were totally honest that, in retrospect, the experimentation could have benefited from more analysis. Now it's done though, i can finally get to the research that I actually intended to do when I arrived a year ago.

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All my life has being a lie

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Studies show that most studies are false.

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If your research isn't demonstrating a pattern or correlation, you can't publish a paper and you can't get funding to do more research. No one is going to admit the results we're inconclusive.

Unless of course the intent was to prove that there is no correlation. Sometimes that's the goal.

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I agree the "publish or perish" paradigm is destructive, but that's been with us for a while, long before this co-opting of the academy by Communists. I am equally concerned about the research that can't be done as I am about the shit research that is. Shit methodologies and stats can be refuted. Nobody can discuss the data we don't have.

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thanks for the kike info, kike

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Yeah Australia is just full of jews

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even america isn't "full of" jews...though you wouldn't know it based on whiney etc they are

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