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Son, you need to learn berries by taste. Here's a blindfold.

Pa, I don't think this is a good idea.

Son, reach out with your mouth and bite down.

Pa, that wasn't bad. What was it?

Son, it was blue.

So, a blueberry?


Son reach out again.

Pa, that was also good.

It was black.

Pa, was it a blackberry?

Right son.

Reach out again.

Pa, this bush don't smell so good.

Don't mind the smell.

Pa, this berry don't taste so good. What color was it?



Nope, a dingleberry. Now, gramps will learn you 'bout elderberries.

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Lol. That’s pretty bad.

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Taint Apple Butter.

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Tastes good, too. I've got 3 Sambucus nigra/canadensis plants growing in my backyard.