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There's nothing shocking about it. Continued overbreeding among black africans who cannot support themselves at their current population levels and instead depend on global charity is the greatest threat to the mankind and to this planet.

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Actually, Judaism is the "greatest" threat, but you do have a point.

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Jews are "Ashkenazim Negro" which resulted from a cross-breeding of 3rd Century invading Mongolian hoards who screwed India Central Asians while on the way Westward thru Eastern Europe, where they were stopped and took a liking to Babylonian lifestyles and co-opt'ed with Persians and Assyrians. Today's 'jew' in Israel is a bastardized mutt of all these ethnics mixed together. (much like a cat puking-up hairballs)

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Makes sense why they started the stupid food drives all those years ago. Get people on board with it then flood the world with them.

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No. It's because you threw a plastic bottle in the wrong bin.

This isn't Reddit, do I need to tag obvious sarcasm as such?

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I love you, you beautiful wrinkly headed bastard.

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Just remove the food... the buzzards will take care of the rest.

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You don't need to remove the food.

Remove the foreign aid—governmental and NGOs.

The food problem will take care of itself.

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Foreign Aid is what I was referring to... what they normally eat is not considered food.

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don't forget AIDS and ebola

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Natures little cleansing agents.

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African population growth is the sleeping giant of global instability. The real question is whem they hit a critical mass are western governments going to be objective enough to allow widespread famine. Obviously they should, but it is going to be a huge debate.

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Africa is the breeding ground for the army of the New World Order. The goal is to have these hordes of retarded animals spread throughout the globe and destroy western civilization.

Think of how the Orc army was created, and its purpose, in Lord of The Rings.

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The kikes want to import this low-IQ population so they can control them better.

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We should go Dresden on megacities in the developing world. Places like Lagos, parts of China and India.

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The Orc army must be fed!

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You mean our Orc brothers. Love is love.

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Just let them feed themselves. Problem solved.

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If they can't.....nature likes balance. Fucking Sally struthers. What a monster.

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Cannibalism = Population control.

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Let's not forget about India.

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Yes! What about China though. They're ants too. Can't figure why their population exploded. Prosperity?

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I would argue that China would be near impossible to starve out because they generally produce their own food. That would take war.

Africa and India can simply be starved with lack of aid.

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Oh, don't say like that—chutney is a delicacy, you know.

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stop feeding the animals and it will fix itself

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