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Aaand I'm also pretty dead sure that the chemicals used in the plastics and local dairy are what made an unusually high number of kids both male and female in my area develop gay. After a few years ofn research, that's not looking accidental.

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Bpa in plastics. Metabolizes into estrogen. Dont drink bottled water, check the plastic it is coming from if you do.

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All plastic is bad

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My husband and I also think that these chemicals are one of the causes of homosexuality. It's unfortunate because these people might legit be feeling attracted to the same gender, or feel like their physical body doesn't represent how their brain identifies, but it is due mainly to being screwed up chemically. Also... lol

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I've been saying that for ages. Glad that more people are catching on.

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Eh, the science just states more of a definite predilection, not a certainly of attraction, mostly because real science does'n't (and shouldn't) accept the existence of such a thing as 'gay.

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Anti vaxxers may be retarded but this may be the bigger health issue that no one discusses because of 'ma feelings'(or it's impossible to interpret with that you are currently experiencing)

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So you're saying that being gay isn't choice?

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No one is born gay. That was made up by jew pedos.

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I've read that a major factor is fat intake speeding development.

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Sounds like more fat scaring. Animal fats are nothing but absolutely healthy for you.

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There is so much bad shit in processed products, its serious. FDA is corrupt and bend the standards. Ie artifical food color (tartrazine) + artificial preservative (sodium benzoate) metabolizes into benzine in the gut, a carcinogen used as a fuel additive, and we wonder why bowel cancer has exploded in the population within the last 20 years? This is one of hundreds of cover-ups.

What we are seeing now is decades of misuse of food additives, and the effects they have had on the overall population. Problem is the scientific community doesnt give a shit, because they have already made their money off it. Because why research the damaging effects of synthetic chemicals on humans over prolonged periods, when climate change is a serious overfunded issue ? Right?

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Over production is lesbian or gay . Elevated in females means early puberty and odds are early children which means no education and welfare dependent.

Using people as pieces on a board they have no idea exists....

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sometimes i really miss chemical-laden antiperspirant-deodorant. going natural in the pits has been, well, a battle.

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Do you trim your pits? The smell lingers in the hair.

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There is still regular deodorant.. it uses alcohol to kill ze germs.

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but it's got all that other bad crap in it.

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Get ur heavy metals!

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I long for the days when all natural was actually only 3 ingredients.

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"All natural" is just code for "this product doesn't work all that well."

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Is there anything out there in food and body land that is not poisonous?

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Years ago people rejecting modern living were viewed as superstitious and hermits.

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Makeup makes you look older....

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