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Real gorillas show superior problem solving skills than street gorillas.

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Was this research performed on the North American Pavement Ape?

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Cheating is the black's solution to every problem.

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Well they are black... no wonder they cheat

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https://archive.fo/t7BVw :

'Cheating' gorillas show clever puzzle-solving | Reuters

'BRISTOL, England (Reuters) - Gorillas at a zoo in England have demonstrated a distinctly human trait while attempting to solve a new puzzle game - cheating. '

'The ‘Gorilla Game Lab’ project from the University of Bristol and Bristol Zoological Society developed the game to encourage the gorillas’ cognitive and puzzle-solving abilities. '

'The gorillas were presented with a wall-mounted device where the aim is to guide a peanut through a series of obstacles by poking a stick through various holes to move it along. '

'The prototype device had to be strong enough to withstand a frustrated gorilla, which can be seven times stronger than humans. '

'So it creates an endless stream of new and novel puzzles for them to solve,” said engineer Dr Stuart Gray of the University of Bristol. '

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Gorillas are just humans in fur suits so its not surprising they can solve puzzles.

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