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interesting article

but i cant select the text on the site to post quotes for some reason and its annoying.

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Try searching for "right click" in the extension repository of your browser. Like on Firefox I went to the Mozilla add on site and found an extension that blocks right click jacking. This is a similar thing most likely, they're trying to make you link to their site so they get ad revenue.

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It’s hard to say what cannabis was like before ancient viruses helped it develop the properties we’re familiar with today, but according to Hughes some of its closest relatives are innocuous plants like mulberry and hops.

Try viewing the page source. It worked for me. you might have to scroll some.

edit: i think its ctrl + U

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"you are not allowed to copy or view page source"

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.... in 50,000 years we will be smoked by our replacements


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Humans have THC receptors and CBD receptors. Did these evolve after the plants??