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because average racial IQs are different, and these differences have been shown, in peer-reviewed research, to be largely genetic

let that sink in for a bit and you realize that many of the social & economic outcome discrepancies you see between races are more or less baked in, and that the primary goal of so many people on the left (equality) is dead in the water. that research completely undermines the very existence of so many people and organizations (and all those dollars involved and power struggles involved), so you can see why they try to bury it

if it were possible for africans (as a group) to achieve parity with east asians, well then, now you have a mission. you have billions of dollars going towards scholarships and educational programs for blacks, community out reach programs, school bussing programs, research grants, special little action committees studying ways to improve black social/economic outcomes, all this shit. all these Great White Saviors signalling their virtue by working in fields and promoting all this stuff. BUT if you have hard research that shows these discrepancies are always going to exist so long as the underlying genetics remain the same, well that entire industry and everything related to it go up in smoke, because whats the point?

but these people have their entire identities wrapped up in this equality delusion, theyll never give it up. it must be taken from them-- just as these parasites take from us everyday to fund their delusions

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Nice explanation. I would just add that the motivation to hide race/IQ information is not just that it threatens leftist orthodoxy. That makes it sound like the left is just playing defense. It’s worse than that. They are on offense. They proactively suppress race/IQ information in order to make the case that different outcomes among the races can only be explained by systemic or historical injustices. Therefore (the thinking goes), steps must be taken to correct those injustices, so it softens us up so that we’re willing to accept heinous policies like mass migration from the third world and redistribution of wealth from whites to non-whites via the welfare state.

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We don't anyone, other than jews, to know that all races are different. It breaks the narrative.

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Nice work. Pasta Worthy.

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I second

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This exactly, and that is the single biggest contributing factor for why liberal equality measures won't work. You can throw all of the money you want at these minority groups, but in the competitive environment (where it matters), it won't make a damned bit of difference. Liberals always want to use money as a proxy for privilege (i.e. superior performance), but they fail to miss the point that money is a proxy for merit. It is stored value afforded to people who offer things of value (in most cases). These people aren't successful because they are rich. They are rich because they are successful. Now, it has to be granted that in a system with interest, starting rich let's you become more rich. There is a problem there that needs a complex solution which goes beyond my understanding. But most of the time when I see liberals bitching about rich kids starting off with privilege, I think to myself, "Yeah, if I had worked as hard as their parents, making life easier for my kids would be exactly what I would do. So would you you fucking hypocrite. Stop being bitter." When I see a rich kid and my first reaction is to feel jealousy, you have to always look at it as: someone before him made epic sacrifices for the future of that family line, whether it was his parents or his grandparents or great grandparents.

The solution for liberals then is to try and eliminate 2 things:

(1) competition

(2) all flow of information that would suggest minorities naturally lose a specific kind of competition

If you really cannot make people compete as well, or better yet, have the value system that makes them WANT to compete as well, then you have to blow up the game or rig the information to at least obscure who the winner is.

But the great irony of their "solution" is what it logically brings about, which is the opposite of what they want. As a response to preferential hiring, for instance, now white peoples will have to compete even harder. But what made whites more successful in the first place? The fact that they valued being competitive and displaying competence. That means that over time whites will fight to become even more competent, while the groups that are being given this undue preference will sit back on their heels raking in the gifts. Overall, the discrepancies in competency are going to grow even wider, to the point that any entity that wants to survive will only be hiring whites, or failing.

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Great input.

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Can't let the goyim know, oy vey.

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Jewtube. ROFL. Nice one.

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Truth is racist, yo. At least it is, if you are a libtard.

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It hurts feelings.

Libtards and the obsession of safe spaces.

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They need their buddha boxes.

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Because niggers.

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and jews

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It won't do to tell whitey that race mixing may result in moron children. Remember kids- when you procreate do not miscegenate or you will retardate your children.

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Why, it makes Jews look good because on a heat map they are a blip of intelligence in a sea of dirt eaters.

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Due to the fact they fundamentally lack integrity.

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Read the protocols of the elders of Zion. It says why they censor race realism in there.

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Well proven , countlessly restudied SCIENCE IS RAAAAAYYYCISST!

Look at bottom of this list of IQ from composited science paper research :


Sri Lanka - 79 IQ !!!
Zambia - 79
Democratic Republic of the Congo - 78
Nepal - 78
Qatar - 78
Comoros - 77
South Africa - 77
Cape Verde - 76
Congo - 76
Mauritania - 76
Senegal - 76
Mali - 74
Namibia - 74
Ghana - 73
Tanzania - 72
Central African Republic - 71
Jamaica - 71
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 71
Sudan - 71
Antigua and Barbuda - 70
Benin - 70
Botswana - 70
Rwanda - 70
Togo - 70
Burundi - 69
Cote d'Ivoire - 69
Ethiopia - 69
Malawi - 69
Niger - 69
Angola - 68
Burkina Faso - 68
Chad - 68
Djibouti - 68
Somalia - 68
Swaziland - 68
Dominica - 67
Guinea - 67
Guinea-Bissau - 67
Haiti - 67
Lesotho - 67
Liberia - 67
Saint Kitts and Nevis - 67
Sao Tome and Principe - 67
The Gambia - 66
Cameroon - 64
Gabon - 64
Mozambique - 64
Saint Lucia - 62
Equatorial Guinea - 59 IQ !!!

The smartest countries all have the least brown or black skins.

Millions of IQ tests show that blacks populations with aggregate IQ of 80 is for half-white or quarter-white american blacks , not pure bred actual african blacks.

The darkest skin countries are BELOW IQ 80 and frequently retested by scientists out of shock at the values.

Shame on Jewgle's JewTube and their suppression of science.

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The current argument from the over-educated low IQ crowd is that IQ tests don't test intelligence (and the Irish, etc. weren't slaves because indentured servitude is just so much more free day to day than straight up slavery, and this, not IQ, is why all other communities are able to get their shit together while Blacks keep killing each other and blaming White people for what they've become).

The best solution for all the racist PoC in the USA who have been brainwashed to believe they can't co-exist with Whites is to go live in any African country run by people who look just like them for at least 3 months, before ever again complaining about how they're treated in countries founded by White people.

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IQ measures IQ and interestingly, all people who exhibit very intelligent actions have high IQ scores. Also it is a fact that no one with a low IQ score exhibits very intelligent actions.

One could assume then that the SJW libtards (whom are not neuroscientists or psychiatrists) dont want to admit that IQ is a real thing and very accurately measurable and impossibly hard to raise upward even by one point in a single individual. Malnourishment and mental abuse can make it go down a few points though. I am talking about raising it.

Its just a fact.. Blacks are not Human.

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The problem with testing intelligence is that intelligence must first be defined. As with many biology terms, it can't be defined because the concept is subjective by nature. So all we can do is provide loose definitions and approximations, which is good enough for the purposes here.

There are a number of good reasons for avoiding multiracial societies besides just IQ. Behavior is very heritable and dysgenics is a very real danger.

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Haiti, 67 IQ. It explains a lot.

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It makes sense for a variety of reasons that more tropical climates would have some of the lowest IQ. Its called r-selection and not having to plan for winters and high infant mortality due to disease in these climates puts IQ as a low priority for survival so the genetic drift is going to keep it at a minimum.

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How does a society function with such low scores? Who runs the electric and water, grows the crops?

Those levels are dysfunctional at minimum.

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I mean, an IQ doesn't mean the population doesn't have people that meet non retard standards. This is why most of the low IQ shitholes are run by dictators or massively corrupt. There are a handful of at least middle intelligence people and because everyone else is so retarded they float to the top, take control, dupe everyone, scam everyone, and fleece the state.


Which of the countries in the low IQ regions aren't functionally dictatorships, massively corrupt, or run as a foreign colony have an acceptable first world standard of living? None.



Even Jordan Peterson has said that someone with a below 80 IQ is effectively a dependent of the state as there is not much in the way of work they can understand well enough to do. The only reason most of the low IQ countries haven't had mass die offs is because the west props them up.

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The biggest problem is that NO NATION can ever have capitalism and democracy once IQ average is lower than 80. EVER.

Its been discussed a lot in essays.

Without capitalism or even democracy you have nothing but rapid and total misery, this is even if a few token whites or asians are brave enough to keep their electricity mostly working or water running.

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Without wipipo they never would have such things. African niggers never invented the basics of human civilization on their own. Europeans had invented the first musical instruments 10,000 years before any evidence of them in Africa which appear to have been introduced rather than invented. They never did discover agriculture on their own.

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This is huge. They don't want people to see which countries have an IQ below the cutoff for MENTAL RETARDATION!

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It's interesting that he points out that groups with an average IQ of 70 are not actually as deficient as say, a white person born with a genetic defect that results in mental retardation.

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It really is. A phd I know made a comment about charities and said "One would think instead of lugging water on their heads for hours they'd move the village closer to water." He probably said IQ comment to sound not racist.

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He doesn't want to appear racist so he softens the blow.

IQ is a very valid metric, but it's not the only metric. How is it that so many white nations produced far more inventions than China, Korea, or Japan - areas with an apparent 5 point IQ advantage?

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