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So... inbred fuckers?

Oh btw...

600 and 800 years ago.

Seems like the Black Death is connected.

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Yep, basically the approx. 350 were all that was left to procreate after the black death ravaged the various regions throughout Europe and that's where they're getting their number from.

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We were so close...

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The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60% of Europe's total population.


Very precise.

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Didn't they get blamed for poisoning the wells (during the black plague), and so were murdered.

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babes, jews are a tribe of gypsies who create fake commodities and fake gods in hopes of exchanging them with other cultures who produce real commodities, nose your self-declared opposition babes. they’re here for your blood, govern yourselves accordinglies!

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Its the reason they hated germany so much hard working people who produce goods of value while they are just sheisters wrangling their hands and trying to fuck everybody over.

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Jews and muslims are both inbred diseased monkeys. Way too much sister and cousin fucking with those dirty fucks. Nuke everywhere inbetween China and Europe.

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That's an insult to inbred diseased monkeys!

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You're right, I will make a public apology tomorrow morning at 10am EST on the Ellen Show to try and make amends to any monkeys I might have offended by comparing their inbreeding habits to that of Muslims and Jews.

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Jews, moslems, niggers, spics, and chinese.

Its pretty much just whites and places whites had extreme control over that dont fuck their cousins. Which is why jews have to keep shoving the idea of inbred rednecks down everyone's throats via TV and media when reality is its actually the opposite.

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Nah, brah. Cousin fucking was pretty popular everywhere until recently.

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Genetically, Africa is the most diverse continent. You got 4ft tall pygmies and 7ft tall Masai warriors. Doesn't really mean that much though.

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Jews and muslims are two different things. I "prefer" muslims, but I will kill anyone equally.

Here is a book, let's call it the psychological standard book for when you will become a trained killer, it's just if you are bored: https://thepiratebay.myunblock.com/torrent/6279222/On_Killing_-_Dave_Grossman_Ebook__PDF_and_Kindle

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Inbred paranoid schizo retards. Jews are walking genetic diseases. Its why many of them have one beady eye lower than the other.

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Lmao I legit laughed at this. But true, Jews and all shitskins are genetic filth.

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What about our american nignogs??

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When the Florida Panther population dropped to 350 wild animals the biologists studying them declared them unviable.

They were already starting to show double recessive birth defects. I remember the first one was a weird section of fur on their backs that was growing against the Normal grain.

I also remember reading that scientists studying colonizing Mars said 1000 random people of excellent health was the bare minimum to make a genetically sound population — BUT (they hastened to add) 10,000 would be WAY BETTER.

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Genetic diseases plague that population.

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Exactly. Now comprehend this, trumps advisory team and cabinet are all Ashkenazi

Our country is literally being run by retards

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Literally the whole cabinet?

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Have you read through Miles W. Mathis? If not, here is a gift for you:


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literally have vampiric diseases where they need fresh blood to stay alive.

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I know some Jews from Russia. Their family came here in 1899. One of their sons fought in WW1. HIS sons were drafted in WW2, but while stupid White boys from Kansas and New York were killing German brothers on the battlefield, the grandsons of the Jew from Russia were given the best assignments... the choice jobs.

I'm not kidding. One was navy. Got assigned to secure NY harbor. The other was also navy. Was the enlisted man in charge of the officers mess in Key West.

Everyone else I knew, including the local German-Americans, went to war. Fuck FDR. Fuck every president since Andrew Jackson. Fuck Lincoln. Fuck them all. I won't say the same about Trump....yet. Yet.

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Jews also hold a disproportionately high percent of the positions as tenured professors, especially in liberal arts. In liberal arts they don't even have to do any work where their results matter, they just debate minutiae.

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yep. yet... he better fucking hope he gets it right.

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Would anybody like another red pill?

Ever heard of Tay-Sachs Disease? Let's use the number 30 again. Get a load of this https://imgoat.com/uploads/6366388177/168669.jpg

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and you wonder why they lead the fight on abortion

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Ty-Sucks to be an Ash-kan-Nazi

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They’ve been pushing a study on Facebook that is looking for people with Ashkenazi ancestry to investigate a Parkinson’s Disease link.

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Tay Sachs proves Ashkenazi Jews are a race.

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EVERY TIME you hear some Kike talking shit on Appalachian Americans just shove this article into their hooked-nosed rat faces..

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Didn't it turn out that Appalachian Americans have an average IQ of 110 or so? Meaning that the average hillbilly is smarter than the average white or Jew.

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