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we can do better than that. or even better, sterilize them when they come in for an abortion.

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Sterilize them when they apply for food stamps.

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Ive been a huge voice here on that potential social contract, everyone who demands food stamps, should be sterilized and then they could get care for life. Its actually a very humane thing to do.

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then, too. get a bigger cross section of their population.

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Why would you wait to sterilize niggers? Do it as soon as they're born, fuck.

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Anyone really believe they're only 13% of the population? I agree we can improve those abortion stats but I don't agree they are less blacks than illegals in this country. 13% of 350m is 45m and Yale concluded there's about 49m illegals. Illegals are most likely asian, indian, and hispanic as blacks are known for being too lazy to migrate anywhere.

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the census man can't catch them and they do lie about how many live in that rat trap.

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That's only because the less lazy African blacks sold all the more lazy ones to Jews. Then over time the Africans became lazy again.

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If only we had a center they could go to for free abortions. We could call it something like Parent Planning.

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Planned Parenthood is just the Eugenics lab that changed it's name after WW2. Eugenics is the only answer that is why (((they))) are trying so hard to mix up the gene pool. Remember White Aryan and Nordic people we are being erased please reproduce pure offspring. Make White People Great Again

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I'm torn. Its murder, but I want that percentage higher.

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Without legal abortions niggers drink the baby to death, beat their pregnant stomachs, or use coathangers. The biggest way they pushed for the legalization of abortion was pointing out that a lot of (black) women were dying due to not being able to have a professional do it. The percentage of dead niggers goes up when abortion is illegal because then the mothers die too or they end up barren from the coat hangers.

[–] KingChem 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

No one has ever made a more compelling case to me for illegalizing abortion.

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I fail to see the downside here...

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I doubt this when niggers see their brood as another welfare check. Stop that, and maybe you'll see a difference.

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Do you happen to have any statistics for this? I'd love to see that this is true.

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To me it's like putting down a dog or something. I think most Blacks sell their souls around the time of elementary school. They just get seduced by shiny things or sex or dreams of being a rapper/rapper's ho. I mean we shouldn't be hassling Ben Carson but we shouldn't be encouraging Shaneeqwa to have kids #10 and 11, either.

[–] gentronseven 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

They aren't born with souls, they aren't humans.

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Mandatory abortions for negros.

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Thats a lot of body parts for the jews to peddle.

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Those are rookie numbers.

We gotta bump them UP!

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We have to keep abortion legal for blacks and pay for it with tax dollars because of slavery.

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Abortion is cheaper then twenty to life.

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We have to keep abortion legal for Blacks and pay for it with tax dollars because they're the worst pests in our culture. They have all the worst qualities of rats and cockroaches plus a few special ones of their own.

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Whites fight against abortions, Jews froth at the mouth with excitement over them. I wonder if blacks know this?

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Put planned parenthood in Jewish neighborhoods.

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For a real solution, put a KFC and a liquor store in jewish neighborhoods.

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What are the STD stats of blacks?

[–] OhGoodLord2 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Horrifying. And even when prevention works with other groups, for things like HIV, Blacks still lead the way with new infections, bizarre complications and deaths. This is also somehow Whitey's fault even though we've been handing out condoms, offering free testing and devoting millions in research and charity treatment for 20+ years now.

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100% if you count niggeritis.

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They should make up 100%.

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