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well.... any future discoveries are gonna have to wait.... due to hormones. periods. general cuntishness. sexual misconduct claims. wage discrimination...and talking about 'feelings' good bye science & the hopes of getting off this damp rock.....

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Now anyone can identify as a scientist.

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Yeah, can't believe that physics of all places has gotten infected with libtards. Physics was really sort of sacrosanct, the last bastion of politically neutral people who simply didn't want anything to do with politics.

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Now anyone can identify as a scientist.

Except for white men.

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identify as an engineer.. unfortunately,my PTSD & dyslexia got me as far as a machinist & tool-maker.... (oddly,i do better on the old manual machines than the CNC..go figger..)

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Who Pays for Cern??



This is political persecution and everyone should contact their federal reps and let them you don;t want to pay for that. Of course they'll pretend not to hear, but the more people that do that the more it will piss them off.

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we need cerns data since the SSC failed under bush.... shit. they dont do anything at the fermi-labs anymore... out-sourced.. like everything else....

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It's almost like leftists destroy everything they touch, isn't it?

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World is leaning towards privatization of EVERYTHING. Including cities/towns. The super wealthy are building special economic zones where they are pretty much the rulers of it. Kinda like disneyland?

Eventually these scientists are just going to immigrate into one of these places and do all their sciencing there instead. These places wont have to follow any of these stupid rules that stupid governments have infested.

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Give no quarter. As technology, built on the very science these regressives claim to love, begins to fail; do not fix it without taxing them to the point of pain. The world they take for granted will swiftly collapse without the maintenance necessary for it to function, they will have a choice; submit or do without. The wamyns pushing this bullshit will be the first to enslave themselves simply to avoid a simple inconvenience.

Feminists will learn what true oppression is, it is inevitable.

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They better be ruthlessly oppressed too.

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Incompetent females will only survive in the workplace with the help of Marxist ran leadership and eventually the good engineers will leave.

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They don't claim to even love science anymore. They gave up science for Islam.

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They're not - in fact, they are unduly given advantages to go into STEM fields. Fact is - many women simply don't have the intellectual capacity, or are not interested in, STEM courses.

I'm speaking from personal experience here, having been the only female in both physics and programming classes many moons ago.

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Do you have any reason to believe that many moons ago you felt disadvantaged?

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Fuck no. I used my grit and hard work and (what I think is) reasonable intelligence to end up being 1st in the course for both. Also, the guys in my class were always courteous to me, as I was to them.

I would have been fucking insulted if I had been given special privileges just by virtue of having a vagina.

Edit: I'm currently in a STEM field for my job, and not once have I felt disadvantaged. The "women" who complain about discrimination are the ones who are lazy and entitled, who can't make it in a world based off merit.

Also, I get paid equal to my male colleagues, if not slightly more, for what I do. The reason I get more? It's because I know shit they don't. The pay gap is a fucking myth - again, by lazy, entitled women who can't make it in a world based off merit.

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unless something changes, science is a thing of the past. Now science is coming up with a desirable conclusion to appeal to feelings, which isn't science.

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Now science is coming up with a desirable conclusion to appeal to feelings

That started with the supposed "ozone hole" but we didn't realize it was total bullshit at the time. It was before the Internet. The myth of man-made global warming is the prime example of feel-good science. The last few years it's everywhere. You can't trust any statement about science that appears in the media, from any source, because even the most prestigeous sources are engaging in progressive science -- findings based on a predetermined, desired result.

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Wasn't the result of finding the ozone hole only to limit the type of gases/chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere? It didn't change anything other than replacing products with different types of gases.

Unless someone was holding some type of monopoly on those gases or holds some type of monopoly on new gases they're using I see no downside for their discovery of it.

I'm also not really aware of any current "gas monopoly" that someone got ultra rich from.

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To be fair, there is a sort of ozone hole, but it changes size consistently depending on the seasons.

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We're going to the days when scientists were thrown in jail for saying the earth went around the sun.

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And sadly we are regressing into a scientific dark age where real science and telling the truth are punishable.

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It is a myth that science has ever been anything but the slow slog through politics and personality to eventually achieve greater knowledge. This shit has always been here and it always will be. Best just be aware of it and do the best you can.

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Science can cause innovation which is hard for (((them))) to control. So they're getting rid of it.

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You can't get rid of science. There will always be that white guy in a shed building some weird shit for shits and giggles.

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we have not advanced our understanding of the universe in 100years.

Science is now used to stimulate the world and use those simulation to re-enforce the big bang materialist view. Observations are the same. If what we see in the sky's does not make scene add more gravity.

We have known for about 100years that consciousness is more fundamental than matter. consciousness effects matter, consciousness comes first then matter. We are no in a world made up of dead matter, we are in a world of consciousness.

I bet that the sun is conscious on some level.

Max Planck : The Observer, London, January 25, 1931

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness."

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A Cern spokesman confirmed that there was a video recording of the presentation. Senior managers would decide whether to release part or all of it, it said.

What are the chances they release the whole video uncut? If they don't they might be afraid of what he had said.

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In the article "Seven trailblazing women in science"

Because they couldn't find ten. You know it was meant to be a top 10 but there fucking ARE NOT 10 TO LIST.

So fucking hilarious to see shit like this in a liberal leftist site.

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Forget your meds?

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He's proven right by the establishment immediately jumping on him, and they said these people were smart

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