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Alongside the more limited opportunities for black Africans, black people in Western countries are less likely to study science, less likely to achieve a top degree and less likely to progress to scientific careers.

No one's fault but their own.

They can study science if they want. Nobody is actually stopping them.

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Blacks have a significantly lower IQ than whites, Jews and Asians. That's why they don't win any science prizes. Because they are fucking stupid! Jesus Christ, when are people going to start saying the plain, simple truth? Blacks are stupid. Their brains are physically smaller than the brains of whites and Asians. The best of them can't match the best of whites in science. They don't have it in their DNA.

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The IQ penalty blacks suffer mostly affects conscientious and impulse control. You can meet some really technically brilliant niggers in the hood but because they lack the aforementioned traits, they can't do anything productive with the talent.

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What did you expect? Look at the Africa. Their biggest achievement are houses built from animals shit. Their IQ is similar to people with down syndrome.

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A nigger's feels got hurt and proceeds to downvoat your comment.

No worries, to make him feel better, there are always statistical outliers, just because black average IQ is low, doesn't mean that there are no niggers who have IQ above retardation level.

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I have seen some black dude with giant heads they still have smaller brains? Or are you just saying on average?

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black people in Western countries are less likely to study science, less likely to achieve a top degree and less likely to progress to scientific careers.

I remember in my high school, we had like 3 blacks total. In my science class, one of the niggers tried to open a textbook to study biology, but the FBI fast-roped from helicopters, threw a flashbang into the classroom, kicked the windows in, and arrested that poor black boy. And all he wanted to do is study science.

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I think I saw that reenacted in a movie by Herschell Goldberg, the great director.

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He dindu nuffin!

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He was a good boy.

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He was just a keed

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How exactly do they have limited opportunities? I would like to see that worked out with careful analysis because I believe it is quite the opposite in reality.

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We know that every one of the most talented blacks are fought over by the most prestigious colleges. They have mentor programs to help them stay in school.

As you say, the left lies constantly about white men holding them down.

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They have low IQ. That is a limited opportunity. Naturally, the only fair solution is to pretend that they're smart and give them honorary Nobel prizes, and destroy society by removing the honesty from it.

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They are limited in opportunities because science requires an above average IQ and there are very few blacks that have that necessary criteria.

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Not only is nobody stopping them, but universities are bending over backward to make it happen (lower standards for “diverse” applicants, easy to obtain grants, they can fail as often as they want and still not be kicked out, they can literally burn down the place in endless tantrums and get away with it, etc.) - and yet...

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Ask a black physician, if your child shows up in the ER with head trauma and you get to choose the lead surgeon, will you choose the white neurosurgeon or the black neurosurgeon?

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No low iq white has either. What's their point?

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Dats raycist!

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News flash. Intelligent and hard working people win Nobels

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It was only a matter of time. The Nobel Committee is going to start giving out prizes in physics and chemistry the same way it gives out its peace prize -- on the basis of political correctness.

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Once Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize the award officially became a bad chimp joke


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a downvote brigade of frightened white power faggots literally took me from almost 300 CCP to -130 CCP overnight so I will no longer have the ability to be heard and you're trying to tell me voat doesn't censor? LOLOLOLOL!

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Nelson "Necklace" Mandela

Yassir Arafat

Al Fucking Gore

The European Fucking Union


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Somehow it's shameful that blacks have different genetics. There are a lot of athletic awards that whites will never have.

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Maybe blacks are born, evolved, and/or created to be physical servants of the more evolved races.

Just a thought.

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I’d prefer a robot

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The sad part is they are using steroids for their "superior genetics" and testing is selectively enforced with many loopholes.

Check out Victor Conte on YouTube who was providing these black athletes with their drugs. Positive results are thrown out without ever being disclosed to the public.

The ones who claim "special genetics" are also the ones using the drugs.

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lookout.... 'Nobel Chemistry Prize for being the dude involved in the 'Watermelonium' discovery'

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Damnit, I was trying to think of a clever joke about a nigger inventing a way to manufacture melanin because of that one meme where the sheboon is convinced that melanin is a priceless, precious substance.

But watermelonium's discoverer might lose the prize, because that 'boon who discovered melaninium's restorative properties truly deserves it.

EDIT: Just in, Tyronicus Marshall has just discovered "Bixnoodium", a new element on the periodic table of elements!

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Let me guess, the Nobel Prize committee is going to be pressured to lower their standards to be more “inclusive” and promote “diversity” — behold the Nobel Prize in finger painting or something like that...

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"The main reason why no black scientist has won a Nobel prize is simply a matter of numbers. Not enough bright young black people are choosing science."

From the article.

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Or....there’s not enough bright black people, alternate hypothesis.

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Blacks have far lower IQs on average.

Black brains can be detected as radically different from a white or asian mans brain at over 30 feet away on a specimen table, not by volume, and not by shape of forehead area (both differ) but by LESS FOLDS, less wrinkles.

There are 6 genes that fold and wrinkle the outer edge of the brain. Einstein had all of them. West african pure breds have none of the humanoid ones but do have the mammal folding gene and the primate folding gene. They lack the other 4 genes we think came from middle east and from Neanderthals who gave it to Denisovians and white homo sapiens and EVERY ONE ON EARTH RAPIDLY except blacks.

Blacks have dramatically lower IQs.


Critically acclaimed video now allowed on youtube again :

Race, Genetics and Intelligence | Richard Lynn and ((((((Stefan Molyneux)))))):


Best hour you will ever enjoy learning from featuring an advanced scientist on IQ, another IQ scientist out there is a neural scientist who got a couple lucky grants to study retardation and used the grant money to study Negroes.

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Or... they haven't made a category for being able to hold a semi-automatic sideways and say "motherfucker" yet.

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If you look at the numbers, it makes perfect sense that there are no black winners. For one thing, by far the majority of intelligent scientists don't win nobel prizes. There are only a few awards per year and they're supposedly exceptional. Then consider the fact that blacks are a minority in Western cultures with modern education system. Then consider the fact that the majority of blacks have lower average IQ and lower aspirations than whites. Why exactly would an individual who is a member of a low percentage, of a low percentage of a low percentage win a supposedly very prestigious award?

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Because fucktards want to force "diversity" into everything?

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The irony is that they can't accomplish SHIT even though the system is rigged in their favor. The colleges give them affirmative action, so it would only be EASIER for them to get into science, but then they don't accomplish. This is great evidence of the fact that the negroes get into college on affirmative action, but when it comes to participating in a meritocracy, they all fail.

Although I think this will just be a matter of time. The Nobel people will soon lower their standards or award affirmative action awards, to increase "diversity", or whatever other bullshit. They gave a Nobel Peace Prize to Obongo, for doing nothing. That's when I lost respect for the Nobel Peace Prize. So, eventually, we'll see negroes get science prizes simply because they're negroes.

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A strong argument can be made that affirmative action often sets them up for failure. A black kid that took the spot of a smarter white or Asian kid at Harvard is going to have a much more difficult time succeeding in such a competitive environment surrounded by brilliant people. It's certainly not impossible for a black person to have a genius level IQ, just statistically way less likely. Take that same black kid that struggles at Harvard and send him to a good state school and he's much more likely to succeed. A top 10% student at a good state school has a much better chance at success than a bottom 10% at an ivy league school. On average blacks have a lower IQ, and as a result the outliers are way less likely to be at the top end of intelligence, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

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Right, and if the black kid really DOES have the genius IQ, then he can compete with the other applications on a normal and unbiased level, not needing affirmative action.

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I know this seems like a stretch for some, but lets say the black kid spends his first two years in a community college (to avoid massive debt) and then move to a state university. If you study hard and good at what you do in the sciences, you'll succeed. Employers aren't going to give a fuck if you graduated from a state university or an Ivy League school.

You might actually get hired faster since you're employer knows you won't have a stick up your ass of where you went to school and won't ask more than actual market value.

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