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Tameness may also be an intelligence selection.

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Also, if I remember correctly, they put some tame offspring with wild parents and some wild offspring with tame parents - the offspring retained their biological parents' traits in spite of their adoptive parents' opposing upbringing.

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ALL DOMESTICATED FARM ANIMALS have large splotchy spots , low adrenaline, and floppier ears. The genes being dred slectively ar the "no bite, no kick, no run away adrenaline response but other biological pathways are affected.

LITTLE REPORTED IS THAT THE EXPERIMENT WAS A COLLOSSAL FAILURE because it only had ONE critical criteria, the fur pattern must NOT BE DIFFERENT and after a few generations all the animals had white tips on their tails, ruining the entire experiment, but causing other discoveries in domestication.

BUT IT WAS A COMMERCIAL FAILURE because it did not meet the prime directive :tame but no visible differences

It is now ongoing.

As for canines... it is well thought that dogs TAMED THEMSELVES by hanging around human camps begging for scraps for their young , as most mammals do, but the ones friendliest and having puppies that humans could raise as companions kicked off the taming cycle.

And the taming of canines was repeated around the world. Eventually though... for actual best common pets, north american dogs spread around the world based on dna and comparison to N.A. wolves.

we ruined the breeding of german shepards. Videos on youtube show ww2 era nazi war dogs from around 1942 or so performing physical feats no german shepard today can ever dream of approaching (high jumps, broad jumps, other measurable stunts).

House Cats all come from israel and the ancient wild cat still lives in israel (slightly rounder pupils) . Ancient Natufians in Israel bred the tabby before the pyramids were built.

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