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I have NO IDEA how diversity enrollment and Inclusion DUMBED DOWN your university, but at my top tier ivy league ALL but 2 of that list were taught in undergrad courses.


How bad is university physics nowadays!??!?!?

God damn

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"In school" usually refers to high school or below.

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As a physicist, right off the bat this ticked me off.

Example: #1 it's not that you misunderstand entropy. You just misunderstand the term "order."

Some of these facts are ok though. Wormholes are science fiction. But if your school teaches you otherwise, your school sucks.

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calling any current theory from Cosmology a "fact" despite the absence of any empirical data calls into question his understanding of the designation of "fact".

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When a scientists types "fact" as a form of puffery , exaggeration, and shit tossing, they very know that in science there are almost no facts, other than in applied mathematics. Its understood its not really a 'literal fact".

But for the record, I cringed too.

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Your "fact" is totally wrong. I don't have time to explain the multiple fallacies.

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7. Is there evidence other than redshift that the universe is expanding? Chip ARP disproved redshift=distance, so I’m wondering what else points to expansion?