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I think tracing the origins of evolutionary psychology would be very difficult. Evolutionary psychology is always something that is progressive. There might be some mental states and other such traits that can be related to some past mode of consciousness, but it seems more likely that these things are latently genetic and played on by certain epigenetic influences rather then being directly genetic(even mood disorders).

I think though that certain ideas and systems of thought certainly have their origins in some evolutionary "psychology," but it is not so easy to identify it to be exact. I don't think in this context that one can dismiss that there is something indeed evolutionary to psychology at a very individualistic level and as it reaches back out to the group, but the mind is not a static thing and it is very dynamic and in this context psychology using categories to interpret the categories of the mind as expressed in mental states and behavioral patterns is not so easy whatsoever, but must be done on a basis that analyzes how all these different categories overlap over specific mental states and behavioral patterns and how it ties back into specific minor details, features, and dynamics that allow for differentiation of the separating the classification of people with similar mental phenomenon and behavioral aptitudes. This is really had to fit back into an evolutionary psychology.

Maybe there are base underlying "epiphenomenon" manipulating and modifying these various mental states and behavioral patterns, but it is so difficult to say, and until a better understanding of the brain is had we might never know exactly how it all works, especially in the context of reality and the perception of it. I don't think its necessary to come to this understanding, but keeping psychology as a "science" is of course a very important thing to do.