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Well, if it's right there in GQ, we all need to take this very seriously. I mean c'mon, y'all. We're talking GQ here.

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So.mother nature finds soyboys not worth allowing to survive and to propagate

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There are NO doubts WHATSOEVER in my mind that decreased Spermatozoa Counts in Males (especially occuring in Caucasian Males!) are a deliberate design to De-Populate the Earth of People, and make more easy the introduction of a Population of Uni-sexual Trans Humanism Society in 100 Years time. This fits in quite well with those eli8tes who wish a New World Order Construct, as is dictated on The Georgia Guidestones.

ps: Do a search on Y-T for videos by "Steve Quayle on the topic of nd Trans Humanism" It will put many of the pieces of the puzzle together for you.

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Decrease estrogen in dietary intake as much as possible, consume shellfish with regularity and stop posting the same dipshit story every other day... Do these 3 things and you will throw seed like Bull.