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Scientists release highest resolution map of Antarctica ever made | Daily Mail Online

'What saved the West Antarctic Ice Sheet 10,000 years ago will not save it todayThe retreat of the West Antarctic ice masses after the last Ice Age was reversed surprisingly about 10,000 years ago, scientists found. '

'In one of the most complete pictures of Antarctic ice sheet change to date, an international team of 84 experts combined 24 satellite surveys to yield the results. ', "This results in Antarctica's ice shelves remaining intact, slowing loss of ice from the ice sheet and reducing the threat of sea level rise."

'If all the East Antarctic Ice Sheet melted, the sea level would rise by 175 feet (53 metres). '

'The East Antarctic Ice Sheet was stable throughout the last warm periodThe stability of the largest ice sheet on Earth is an indication to scientists that it could hold up as temperatures continue to rise. '

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Funny how the Japanese in an article I read recently said the ice loss was much less than others said and also the sun is coming out of a long hot spell and we're moving into a cooling cycle now so the ice loss should quickly lessen but they won't wait for that to release the gloom and doom news to get people to think they know what the fuck they're talking about.

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Antarctica as you know it is fake.

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I suppose it is more useful than the infamous study on why molten pizza cheese burns the roof of your mouth. It's not that it isn't cool (pun intended). It is just that it is of no practical use.

I'd be happier if every single American taxpayer got $1 back. It would do WAY more to society. Assuming one subscribes to such archaic notions as the rightful owners of money.

"YOU" want a 1 meter resolution map of the south pole? GREAT! "YOU" go raise money and create one.